Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Hotch Potch

I haven't done one of these in awhile, but working within my own rules and standards for NaBloPoMo, I really don't have anything that is completely post worthy on its own, so here is what I got:

  • For you runner/jogger/walker types: when you are between training cycles, what is your running/jogging/walking routine? The 1/2 marathon training program I want to do (from the Nike + site) starts on December 15 and I need to get my long run up to 8 miles by then, but I am used to looking at a schedule for my mileage. I took off Monday and Tuesday, ran 3 on Wednesday and 4 yesterday. Thoughts, suggestions, links to other training programs that you like??? HELP ME. HELP ME.
  • I have an excited stomach because Mr. P is on his way home and we are going out to lunch and then to see 2012. We love the distaster movies. The more over the top, the more unrealistic, the more buildings and monuments and HOLLYWOOD signs toppling over, the better! Mr. P called me at work a few months ago to direct me to the trailer. We talked about going out of town this weekend, but then didn't because the movie starts.
  • Just writing that blurb about us not going out of town this weekend made me realize that I think my office neighbor is getting married tomorrow. Guess we weren't invited. Can't decide if I am relieved or hurt.
  • During the all day rain fest of Ida my office got flooded. It is wet and smelly. I have worked at home since. I use the term work very loosely because I found a blog about a polyamorous relationship that is fascinating me and I just keep reading, reading and backreading it some more.
  • After last week's success at journaling every bite and getting close on drinking all the water for the Holiday Health Nut Challenge I have not done either. at all. all week. I haven't made bad choices necessarily, but I am making a lot of CHOICES if you get my drift. Notice how I slide that news right into a little bullet point?
  • On Wednesday night driving my mom was chatting about stuff she bought for the apartment which happen to include all kinds of stuff we all like, Diet Dr. Pepper, a puzzle, Scrabble, stuff to bake cookies, etc. As she walked into her apartment I looked at Mr. P and said, "Okay. I am done being mad at her now." And I think that I am. I am still snotty to her out of habit, but am trying to check that a bit better. I jogged to her house yesterday to visit a bit, and Mr. P went there for coffee before work this morning. But don't fret, she will still be ridiculous!

Hotch Potchery, OUT!


SoMi's Nilsa said...

The experts say you should add no more than 10% to your long run each week. So, why not add a 1/2 mile to a mile to each of your weekly long runs. And then during the week, keep your shorter runs anywhere from 2-5 miles. You should be all set by the time your 1/2 marathon training starts!

And I like your new-found attitude with your mom. There's nothing wrong with a little snark here and there, but all the time could make it toxic!

Fatinah said...

sorry I can't help you with the running question. I've never trained properly for a long race. I just do my regular runs, that are always around 4 ish k. If I do too many long distances, my knees and feet just hurt to much. Sounds like SoMi's Nilsa has a good plan for you....

glad you're giving your mom a break. honestly, you doing that will make the biggest change for YOU. Of course, we still expect to see some stories!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy 2012. My husband & I will go see any movie about rock music, including Mark Wahlberg in Rock Star.

Did your books get damp? If so, you'll want to get them out in the sun to dry ASAP so you don't get any mold (says the librarian).

O.K., Mom gets an E for Effort for the Diet Pepsi, Scrabble, and cookie ingredients. (And what the heck, for moving to be near you in the first place). I'm sure she will still totally piss you off in the future, but it's good that you can appreciate her nice attempts, too.

Amy said... will do a schedule for you and you can tell it to work you up to 8 miles for the 15th. It's a cool site.

We all look forward to stories of your mom... but I'm glad you're not mad at her anymore. ;-)

kilax said...

Between workout schedules, I try to maintain the distance. If I was in between and trying to up it, especially something reasonable like from 6 to 8, I would just divide the difference by the weeks and go from there.

I LOVE DISASTER MOVIES TOO! Especially now with the great graphics. The 2012 director must also love them. He directed The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day and Godzilla. We rarely go to the movies anymore (we LOVE them but are saving money), but I saved a movie giftcard so we can see that one!

Shelley said...

What they said about your mom.

Have fun at the movie tonight - you crack me up at how giddy you are about it!

Lucy said...

I have never run and I am so frustrated because I have gained weight and need to get it off.
You have to do a review of the movie I am dying to 'hear' if it is any good.

Oh, the poly amorous thing, you know, we just find out our son was homosexual last year, although it wasn't a shock but I have to admit I am trying to wrap my head around the whole poly amorous thing about his boyfriend. Although, he says it is just the same as heterosexual and homosexual that you don't have a choice about your sexuality that it is just how it is. I'm trying to get it.

Anonymous said...

Ditto the above about your mother. I know I also have a very difficult relationship with my own!

For the run - I would start increasing your long run now (so do a 4 or 5 this weekend, then one mile more next weekend, etc etc) and keep your miles during the week to around a 3 mile run. That's what I did for my half this past May.

I love blogs that are so different from my own view point. I have to admit, I'm curious and want to read it too now! (Is that sad??)

Jen L. said...

I want to read the blog. Send me the link. :)

Glad you're happier with yo mama. Also glad you are still cool enough to poke fun at her decorating taste. (Because you're going to post picture of her bathroom, RIGHT?)

Is it just me or are you not really connecting with any super awesome people (like us) this year for NaNaBloPop? I haven't "clicked" with anyone this year. But I'm thrilled to read your posts every day, so that shall suffice.

Penny said...

I'm just keeping up my 10K schedule. I think I'm going to do the 10K at the Toys for Tots run...

I still haven't made a decision about the January half marathon..I keep thinking I want one that is more exciting.

creative kerfuffle said...

first--what did you think of 2012? the hubs and i watched some discovery show about the end of the world last night and frankly if i let it that shit could really freak me out.
second--how have you come so far w/ this relationship w/ your mom? you jogged over for a visit? please obi wan---teach me.
third--what is this polyamorous blog??? i wanna read it too.

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