Monday, November 9, 2009

Gluttons for punishment

Yesterday afternoon, the day AFTER the big 10K, Mr. P and I went out and did a 5K!

I got an email that there was a 5K to benefit pancreatic cancer starting at 4:15pm and the finish line was the 50 yard line IN.THE.STADIUM. They had us at STADIUM. So we got all decked out in school color running gear and headed out. There were a group of my students and two other professors from my department.

We started out a little uphill and I was NOT feeling it. But then, everything kicked in and I felt good. I finished at 39:10. It was the same route as a 5K we did in February and DUDES.....the day after the 10K, I shaved nearly 3 minutes off my time. Even better, I beat the other professors and all but one of my 22 year old students. BOOYAH. After the race we were allowed to roam about a bit and (apparently) I was VERY excited (and what is with my super wide eyes?) to get a picture with Mr. P and this very growly tiger. (I am giving away my location with this don't tell, k?)

So running has been good this week...but how did I do on the challenge?

  • I did journal EVERY.bite. It was not pretty. Check. (I ended up with negative points, after 47 activity points, yikes.)

  • I did NOT drink 80 oz of plain water every day. If I could count VitaminWater and Sobe Water then I would have had it...but alas, I can not. So while I did way better with water, I do not get a check on this one.

  • My long term goal is to get to an 80% Fat Score for 2009. I started the challenge at 84.89% and after my weigh-in this morning, I am at a sweet 83.14%! I am now .2lbs into new weight territory (if you don't recall I gained last week).

So how do I feel about Week 1 of the challenge? GOOD! Bring on Week 2!


Penny said...

Ha ha ha, I kept looking at the sign BEHIND you thinking maybe no one would notice...but the shirts give it away too.

That sounds fun, good job!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

In all my years of running, I've found that if you can get out and run or walk the day after a big race, you're less likely to tighten up (or stay tight for long). Way to ROCK OUT the day-after race. And finishing on a stadium green is absolutely the best. Now, if only they could've filled the stands for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome that you beat your students' time. And I am in awe of your 47 activity points. I did not even know they went up to 47.

Cute picture, too! You are glowing with health and the thrill of victory.

Anonymous said...

Go you! I'm impressed. (War Eagle!)

Shelley said...

Holy cow - you are a rockstar!!! And I am loving that you beat almost all of your students...way to show them!!!

Not Your Aunt B said...

That is so cool the finish was the 50 yard line! I would've been excited too. And WHOOP on losing weight during week 1!

creative kerfuffle said...

15ks in a weekend! awesome. i love that you beat most of your students---wow, how very cool. and that is a great shot of you and mr p : )

Alice said...

HOT DAMN!! 15k in 2 days!?! you guys are officially CRAZY RUNNER TYPES! :-)

Lucy said...

I'm catching up on all my blog reading today! Way to go on both races!!! Oh, my gosh you must just feel awesome.
Good Luck with week 2 of your challenge, I'm not sure I totally understand it but I think from the way you explained you are making progress!!!
Congrats to your son on his first Adult play!!

Jen L. said...

You look so fantastic. Except for your shirt, of course. It's ugly. ;)

That is out of control, a 10K then a 5K. Go, you!

Congrats to CK2 on the show!

Jenn said...

Holy crap! You are an overachiever. That's fantastic, woman!
You look very, very happy!

kilax said...

Wow! You are a hardcore runner! Way to get out there for the 5K! Even if you didn't mean all of your goals for the week, you still kicked butt!

Missy said...

A 10k and a 5k?!?! I'm impressed! Great job!

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