Wednesday, November 18, 2009

sigh of RELIEF

Today I gave my last lecture of this semester. We have next week off for Thanksgiving, then I gave them a week off to make up for evening exams and the last day of class the students will present their final projects. shew. I am even, for just this second, caught up on grading. SHAZAM.

Now I have THREE researchy things due on December 1. One grant proposal, one conference submission (yes, I want to go to San Fransisco in August for freebie), and one paper has to get back to a journal. Once I get through those deadlines and get the final projects graded I am free as a bird until we start back in January. This will be the first real break I have taken in 10 years. No research. No class prep. Only gingerbread house making, craft doings, movie watching, and other fun stuff for a month. I am PSYCHED!!!

In regular news, I am a tad bit under the weather and every day that goes by that I don't run I am worried when I start back it will be like day one of the Couch to 5K (I ran 3 miles on Monday) any of you ever feel like that? I have been good on the food journaling front, and decent with water (but that will be a fail this week too, because yesterday I thought that homemade Diet Cherry Limeades would make me feel so much better than water. I was right.).

And apparently my mom dyed her hair BLACK today. Yikes. However, I think it might be better because I was telling Penny that I think she looks really weird sometimes because her hair is the same color as her face (kind of an orangey tan look?).

(I have been very parenthetical on this post.)


Shelley said...

Yay to being almost done for the semester!!!

I also semi-freak out about missing workouts, but you know what? It's not that bad, starting back up. And if you are not feeling good, then you probably won't have a great workout anyway, so laying low on that front is better for you.

Good job with the food journaling - and what is in your homemade Diet Cherry Limeades (best.Sonic.drink.ever)?

Not Your Aunt B said...

That is awesome you'll have some time off! There better be photos of the gingerbread houses. And homemade cherry limeades? YUM!

creative kerfuffle said...

wow--my mom's face fades into her hair like that too! you worded it much better though!
hooray for a month off! AND you have your sister and family near to do christmasy things w/ this year !!! yeah again!
oh, and did you get your advent calendar yet? i think i started reading you last year when you got them. and, where did you get them?? i've never seen calendars like the ones you had.

Jen L. said...

I covet your month off. I am currently looking at an unattractive stack of 203 papers for me to grade over Thanksgiving break (which for us is just a 4 day weekend). Bleh.

Please, ohmigaaaaaaaaah, tell me more about your mom's hair. Does she wear orangey base because her face used to be that color? My grandma does that. Her scalp is at least 6 shades lighter than her face. It looks like she fell face first into a puddle of melted Push-Ups some days.

Julie said...

Wow, I do a lot of teaching in my job, and I just taught my last class of the semester today, too! I would be ecstatic if not for all the other work waiting for me.

Hope you feel better soon. That Diet Cherry Limeade sounds pretty good.

Penny said...

Christmas vacation is awesome.

I think Mom looks less like a Labrador without her face and hair matching...I can't wait to hear what dad says....

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Sometimes taking a break from running does a body good. Don't let the mental side get the best of you. When you're up for it, go out and see how it feels. Like the shampoo effect, it'll come back to you in no time.

PS - way jealous of all that time you get off next month. But, it's well deserved. Yay, you!

Alice said...

man oh man, i want a huge xmas break too! as opposed to my 2 days off and working on new year's eve. yes, i'm feeling sorry for myself about it ;-P

Lucy said...

Enjoy your break that sounds like it will be a lot of fun just doing things without the stress in the back of your mind.

I hope you feel better soon!!

And your mom's hair, now that does sound interesting:)

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