Sunday, November 1, 2009

Official Holiday Kickoff

I love everything Thanksgiving/Christmas. I used to be able to keep my shiznit together and hold off on Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but then a few years ago I succumbed to 'mall' mentality and now as soon as the spiderwebs come down from Halloween, I start gearing up for Christmas. I have already bought 3 new ornaments and am beginning to plan my gingerbread masterpiece of 2009...maybe it will be better than 2008?

Anyway, the holiday season kicked off to a grand start when we DOMINATED the costume contest and our town's Halloween Block Party and Trick or Treating.

While Mr. P's idea of having clear shower curtains serve as our 'shakers' was a good didn't translate that well in pictures. Steve was taking the picture, but you can see his costume over at Penny's place. We won a stellar gift bag that included a water bottle, a $5 off pizza coupon, and giant eyeball bath fizzies. SCORE.

Oh, and again this year I have decided to do NaBloPoMo...wish me luck!


Tammie said...

congratulations! you guys look awesome. your whole family is so dang cute.
and holy hell look at your legs lady!!! they are like, all muscle. rock on.

(i just went to my little towns fall festival where i ate, amongst other things, a fried twinkie. so my body is not at its best at the moment.)

Jenni said...

Love the costumes!
Good luck with NaBloPoMo

Shelley said...

You guys look so cute - love your dress (is this the one from Old Navy?)!

I could never do NaBloPoMo - too much pressure, lol! Good luck with it - and I'm looking forward to reading your posts...nice treat for me!

Not Your Aunt B said...

LOVE it! Y'all totally rocked the costumes. And YES, there were two houses where the adults got ice cold beers during trick-or-treating. Score!

Jen L. said...

AWESOME!! I love it!
Congrats on your prize.

I'm going to try and do NaBloPoMo, too, but I'm not admitting it on my blog until I make it through this week. ;)

Oh, and happy blogfriend anniversary to us--we met during NaBloPoMo last year!

Fatinah said...

those costumes are fabulous! you guys all look great

wafelenbak said...

Tee hee! Congrats on winning--you guys are super cute.

--V said...

You guys look great. And I was very impressed with the video of the mailbox costume getting made. Patience, perseverance, and a plan.

Happy blogfriend anniversary to us, to, 'cause I ran across you through NaBloPoMo last year as well.

Penny said...

Good Luck! I wanted to do NaBloPoMo but I just think it will stress me out too much. Sad.

Jenn said...

Yay for dominating the Halloween contest!!!
I'm already in Christmas mode as well - I'm really looking forward to it this year.
I'm doing NaNoWriMo (I think!) - crazy!!!! Good luck with NaBloPoMo!

DAVs said...

Oh yeah...CHRISTMAS!! I've been getting excited about it for weeks now, and now it's less than two months away. Seriously, I asked Lee the other day if we could just go ahead and start putting up the decorations and he admitted he has already busted out a Christmas CD at work. So cute.

Love the pic of the costumes! You and Penny really look alike in that pic!

kilax said...

I love the photo! What neat costumes!

I asked Steven if I could put up the Christmas decorations yesterday and start listening to Christmas music :)

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Sweets and I don't do holidays. I mean, we like holidays and the chance it gives us to spend time with family and friends. But, we don't do dressing up or decorating very well. Though, ironically, I found a non-shmutzy wreath that I really liked and Sweets told me to buy it. Maybe we've turned a corner?

creative kerfuffle said...

i've started christmas shopping. a little here and there. thanksgiving, uh, i can take it or leave it. but christmas, yes, bring it on please! when do you start listening to christmas music? : )

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