Monday, March 29, 2010

so. apparently I ate a sticker.

My bed was the exact.perfect temperature this morning. My alarm went off at 7 and I rationalized that I ran nearly 6 miles yesterday, so I probably SHOULD take the day off of running, or at the very least I should wait and run after my office hours this afternoon.

FINALLY, I drag myself out bed, get cleaned up and finally get dressed. Change because the pants I picked made my ass look big. Change again. (NOTE TO SELF: Your ass is big, get over it.) Grab a yogurt, plum and my last tiny box of Peyton cereal. Fill up water bottle. Drive through Chick Fil A to get a giant soda. Park 1/2mile from office because I didn't get to work in time to get good parking.

Decide to multi-task and eat my plum on my walk. I notice the little produce sticker on one side, but decide that I can't really peel it off with one hand, so I will just eat around it.

Get to office and only the plum pit is left.


Friday, March 26, 2010

I am a WARRIOR. maybe?

After completing the half marathon, we have been trying to decide what is next on our fitness/athletic agenda. We know that eventually our goal is an adventure trip to the Galapagos, where we snorkel, hike, scuba, kayak, ride horses, etc. We think that trip is likely a few years away (it is super pricey), and we have some intermediate goals in of which was the half marathon. (check. and that still feels awesome, by the way.) And another is the Rome marathon in 2012. (yikes, that is less than 2 years away. SCARY.)

Anyway, Mr. P mentioned the other night seeing that one of his Facebook friends was doing this kind of adventure type race, where there is running and mud bogs, and other obstacles that you have to do and he was thinking that sounded pretty damn cool. Then last night the College Kid posted a link to that exact race on my wall (on Facebook) and with that, begins our adventure with more adventurous racing. Warrior racing, as you were.

So, knowing that I have NO upper body strength to speak of and there are a plethora of things to get over in those type races, I googled the best way to gain upper body strength. Any guesses? Fancy equipment? Personal trainer? no and no. Good, old fashioned push-ups. YUCK.

So today I started the push-up workout recommended. Today 3 sets of 10 push-ups. Rest 48 hours. Then 3 sets of 11 push-ups. Rest 48 hours. Repeat adding one rep each time. After two weeks, rest goes to 24 hours. Repeat infinity. I was actually able to do a total of about 14 "real" push ups and I did the rest girly girl style. Then I did some planks. For good measure. Dude, core/arm stuff is HARD. I would way rather run. So, not to forget good, old-fashioned cardio, I am heading to the park for a run in my new running shoes and cool Nike top.

OH, did I mention our first venture into these races? NEXT Saturday, after we do a regular old 5K. I am both excited to try and scared that I will fail, be too fat to get over some obstacle, and/or look like a giant loser out there with all the fit young things.

That just means I have to try, right?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

INappropriate crushing

I love Taylor Swift. There it is out there. I think she is adorable and funny and I love almost all her songs. Yes, I am 40.

Anyway, a couple of college boys from my school created a website devoted to getting a hug from her, she found it, and decided that she might, in fact, give them a hug if they completed a series of challenges and she issued this declaration in her own video message.

SO, today, they will be walking a little old lady across the street. The little old lady is a friend's mom. So, if all goes well, I will be [Hotch-Friend-Friend's Mom-College Boys-Taylor Swift] 4 hug degrees from Taylor Swift.

oh, and yes, I will be there for the filming of said old lady walking.


I wanted pizza for lunch anyway and it is right by the street crossing.

shut up.

ETA: I am in a green top leaning against the brick pillar on the very far can see me if you squint!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

another decision MADE

Remember last year when I almost was VERY neighborly with my sister, but then the super flaky ballroom dance teacher decided not to rent to us? (By the way, her house is STILL on the market. ha.) And then I got all flummoxed and decided to stay in our house for another year?

Well, here we are, round the sun once more and we are officially going to be semi-neighbors with my sister, a mere 1/2 mile! I have already signed the lease on a little house, with many weird amenities like a bathroom with yellow and black tile (a la a bumble bee), washer and dryer in a line NEXT to the stove, NO dishwasher and NO fenced in yard. BUT it is a great location, perfect for walking to football games, my office, outings for pizza and frozen yogurt, and feeding the turtles. Another big plus is that we will be paying about half for our living expenses as we are now (we are starting to save for a down payment on our very own house, yikes), so I just have to learn to be more efficient with my dishes and really suck up to Mr. P so that he is willing to take the dog out at 3am since he will have to be watched...oh, and we have to buy our own refrigerator, but I am kind of excited about that...I am thinking stainless steel with an ice-dispenser!

Now we just have to figure out what we are going to do about the slight (35 day) gap between leases in our current and new abodes....but none of this will even happen for 3 months, ahh, the joys of living in a college town!

Monday, March 22, 2010

March Madness

The last three weeks have been insanely wonderful, so much so, that with all the crud going around the regular world and the interweb world I have felt too guilty to post too much for fear of sounding completely douchey.
  • I got tenure.

  • I ran a half-marathon.

  • I went on a dream vacation with my husband of 21 years.
Any of these things in isolation would have made my month, but all 3? I have it pretty damn good. Plus, when we got home, we got to go play Candyland with a precious pumpkin baby, and I came in FOURTH WINNER!

A few snippets of our trip:

First stop, Grand Caymans, where we went to a turtle farm/conservation center. I choose to believe this little dude is going to be released into the wild, not eaten. The turtles were completely cool, but I left a bit sad about the fate of some of them.

Our last stop was Roatan, Honduras. It was really beautiful, and we snorkeled and snorkeled and then snorkeled some more. All of the gorgeous fish and coral made me even more determined to get to my goal of under 200 pounds so that I feel comfortable enough to get SCUBA certified.

SO, this morning, I weighed in after weeks of debauchery and I am EXACTLY where I was on January 4. So before work this morning, I strapped on my running shoes and went on my first real run since the half. (I ran twice last weekend, but didn't push myself, just sort of cruised around.) I logged back into WeightWatchers. AND so far, I am still within my points for the day. I have given myself a hundred reasons not to stick with the eating right portion of my plan to get healthy, and now that I have had time to reflect on all that is great in my life, I hope to start stacking up the reasons why I should be sticking with the eating plan!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

She is a FREAKING liar! *

14 months.
252 workouts.
785.3 miles.
196 hours.
142,000 calories.

I did all of that in preparation for today. I feel amazing and tired and accomplished and sore and amazing one more time.

3:00:31 was my "Gun Time", but it took me over a minute to cross the starting I should be an official finisher...I will have to wait and see though. I will be disappointed if I missed it by a breath, but it is what it is now. I was feeling amazing until about 10 miles, and then my hip flexors started stiffening, and it was hard to propel myself forward. I ended up walking a bit after each water station., all in the name of "hydrating"...but my time puts me at 13:47 per mile, which is about right for me.

Edited to add: 2:57:56.73 is my official time. I AM OFFICIAL!!! I burst into tears when I saw that I beat my goal of 3 hours...seems my emotions are a bit out of whack. I won't even tell you about how I started the race listening to The Climb by Miley Cyrus and tearing up over how awesome this last week has been for me!

Mr. P was a rock star. He never really trained, he would run on occasion, and he got a time of 2:16ish (he doesn't remember). I think his lack of smoking really helped. He asked me at dinner if I was mad at him, and I do have to say I am a little frustrated...I have run consistently for over a year, and he throws together a few runs and kicks my ass!

But I have to be honest with myself. I am still carrying A LOT of extra weight, and my time should really decrease if I can even get 30 more pounds off....which will be the next thing I tackle along with some speed training.

After we get back from the cruise, that is!

*My iPod decided to be a freak show and be all weird...only gave me credit for 11.5 ish miles. Bitch.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

If I quit you, then maybe this is why...

I am buying the poster for my office.

BUT, you don't have to worry about me telling you about how much I loose* each week, since I am GAINING weight. Yup, I am watching my weight go up. Not high up, but a little up, then I lose it, then a little up, then I lose it. I was SO cocky about how I well I would do in January and February that I asked for a large wicking shirt as my prize for THIS WEEKEND'S HALF MARATHON. I am on track to finish the whole thing whilst jogging (albeit, most people can probably walk faster than I jog after 11 miles).

My goal is to get an 'official' time, which means I have to finish in 3 hours. I did a trial half two weeks ago, and I was over by twelve minutes. (I didn't even lose weight THAT week.) However, I am assured that this course is pretty flat, and gorgeous, and I can use my iPod to keep me from holding my breath just so I don't have to listen to myself pant for 3 hours.

*I was just about to post this, and I wasn't COMPLETELY sure that you guys would know I was being facetious and that spelling makes me SO nuts that I decided to add this disclaimer.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a different sort of ass

I am no longer an ASSistant professor, but have been granted promotion and tenure and now hold the rank of ASSociate professor!

Schrodinger's tenure

The letters have left the administrative building and there are 63 of us anxiously awaiting their arrival at our respective departments. It could be after lunch today. It might not be until after lunch tomorrow.

It is official...I either have tenure, or I don't. And right this minute that is seeming so huge to me, because either way my life will never be just the same. I might have the most overwhelming sense of accomplishment and relief that this journey I dragged my family on starting in 2000 was worth it. I will have job security in this crappiest of job times. I will be free to work on whatever research I deem important and I don't have to worry if everyone else thinks it is worthy. Academic freedom. I can run my classrooms the way I want to run them without fear that one pissy student will wreck my evaluation average. I will become a better researcher and teacher without the stress of trying to please everyone. I will have a voice within my department to prevent junior faculty from being bullied and railroaded at whim.

OR, I will be starting almost completely over. I will have to try to find a faculty job in a specialty area in this crappiest of job times. I will have to move away from my kids and my sister. We finally have friends that don't make me want to shoot myself in the face and we would have to try to make new ones. I will have to work at the University that rejected me for another year knowing every second that for whatever reason they did not deem me worthy. I will be devastated because this is OUR school and once we leave we can not ever come back.

I can't wait to get the letter, but once I open it, it is what it is, and there is no more dreaming about what it might be.

Monday, March 1, 2010

when is enough really enough?

First off...let me just assure everyone that I did NOT go all shooty when I was denied alas, I still.don't.know whether I got tenure. However I got word that the decisions have been made, letters printed and are awaiting signatures and 'hopefully' will go out tomorrow. They will come through campus mail and I should know Wednesday after lunch at the very latest. Hopefully. Hopefull.y.

Now that that is cleared up I have two big things that I want to tackle today, and a million little things I want to tell you about because stuff has happened, but let's get the big stuff done today so you can decide whether to block my IP address, or ban me to Reader purgatory, I completely understand if you choose either.

Here goes: I can't live without some of the blogs I read. BUT, there are some blogs that I definitely have to break up with. Some bloggers just, to be completely honest, annoy the fuck out of me, and for some convoluted reason I believed that if someone EVER commented on my blog I OWED them blog loyalty for now and ever more. I was finding that if I opened my Reader and certain people had blogged, I felt dread at reading those posts and then just wouldn't read any posts because I felt all guilty and angsty and blech. I know some people tag blogs at Good, Better and Best and read down as time permits, but I find if I have anything 'unread' I am anxious about that as well.

Here is what is stuck in my craw: I have read posts about what annoys people about blogs, Facebook and Twitter and frankly, I don't give a shit about what people put on Facebook or Twitter...I find the mundane chatter to be interesting. I don't mind knowing about your child's potty progress (chances are I want to know, that is why we are friends on Facebook), or what you are having for snacks on the train. Here is what gets me all upset and twisty: bloggers who don't know their place in the blog hierarchy or WORSE, want to be considered an expert in something whether it be weight loss or running or photography or mothering or beastiality or any combination of the above when they just are not. I don't want to be your fan on Facebook, I don't want to Twitter about your contest, or link to you on my blog unless I WANT TO...I just want to know what makes you tick and how you are and really, who annoyed the fuck out of you and why and what curse words you said (either out loud or in your mind) and maybe who you want to have fantasy sex with (this week I am into the Skipper of the Swedish curling team, YES, I know he is a tiny baby, but he is so pretty.) So that is where my head is at. Charming, no?

Plus, keep in mind that I am very NON-confrontational so don't ask me if you annoyed me, because chances are I will say, "NO, I love your blog" because either I do love your blog or I don't want to read your blog, but I don't want to tell you that I don't want to read your blog because I don't want to hurt your feelings even though I do think you are annoying as hell. I feel better and worse all at the same time. So, on to another issue that is very important to me:

How many t-shirts is the appropriate amount of t-shirts? I have not counted, but I probably have 50, which I know is TOO many. Mr. P says to keep 5, which I know is TOO few. What is the baby bear of t-shirts? AND, for the t-shirts that must depart my wardrobe, do I throw them away, or donate them? Seems weird to donate a t-shirt. But I totally will if that is appropriate.
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