Wednesday, June 1, 2011


My dog's full name is Uncle Joe Fred after a colleague's uncle who got really mad about their neighbor "sucking up" all his channel 9 after the neighbor got a satellite dish. When I heard that story, I said, "That is the perfect name for a junkyard looking dog". Then I went with my mom and sister to find my mom a dog, and instead Joe found me.

He is been a pain in our ass for 12 years. The first week we had him he had to have a $900 surgery. We did NOT have $900 to spare on a dog. He still pees in the house (but at least he pees in the bathroom). He chews any writing instrument he can get his grubby little paws on. If I am in the house, he can not be more than 26 inches away from me. Which means I constantly have to be sure I don't step on him or trip on him or knock him over.

I might have to say goodbye to him this afternoon and it is breaking my heart. I think he is in pain and while I think he would keep living with the pain for me, and of course, his treats, I can't do it to him anymore. Something wonky is going on with his eyes, and this morning he fell down the hill in our front yard and got trapped under our Suburban. He just looked at me and thumped his tail while I worked to get him out and back in the house. He is, of course, sleeping right behind me and I feel like such a traitor.

I am so sad. I love this dog so much. More than any dog I have ever loved and I sure do love dogs. He is my dog soul mate. I feel so selfish hoping that I get to keep him longer when I think he has been trying to tell me he is just really tired.

My appointment is at 4. I really hope I have more than 2 more hours with this stupid mutt.

EDITED TO ADD: Somehow, the only things wrong with the critter is arthritis and an eye ulcer...both of which are managable. Mr. P learned how to give him shots (3 times a week for 2 weeks, then once a month), and we learned how to put drops then goop in his eye. He doesn't dig it. I burst into tears when she was going over the options...she thought I was sad about the diagnosis, when really I was SO relieved. There have been times that I think my life would be easier without having to revolve around a high maintenance dog, but when faced with that today I fell apart.
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