Saturday, November 28, 2009

giving THANKS

Over the past year I have done a bunch of moaning and groaning about various sources of parents, my job, my kids, my fat fat fattiness and occasionally even Mr. P. Yet over this last 10 days I have tried to do a lot of reflecting and thinking about where I am now that I am 40.

I have been married for 20 years to a man that will on any given day walk my dog for me, go out late to fetch a Diet Lo Cal Cherry Limeade, does laundry, dishes, cooks, is very handy and loves me very much. I tend to focus on when he farms too much, or smokes more than I would like, or is generally very crabby at restaurants. I don't really get what that is about, but man, dude is CRABBY at restaurants. My sister finally admitted that she always thought I was exaggerating, but now that she is with him more, she sees it too. For Mr. P, I am thankful.

I focus on my kids taking my MOVIES from my house and not telling me, or losing laptops or cell phones, or being messy. But I know how lucky I am to have smart, beautiful, funny and healthy kids, and for them, I am thankful.

I have a job that requires me to kiss more ass than I would like, at all levels, and I think I have been caused more angst than I should have and I focus on that. Not that I really only have to be in my office two days a week, can wear whatever I want when I am not teaching, can come and go as I please, and have LONG Christmas and summer breaks, not to mention it pays well. So for my job, especially in this economy, I am thankful.

I focus on my mother wearing bizarre clothes and just being weird. Sort of the same stuff with my Dad. But on Thanksgiving I spent all day with both of them and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I didn't have to worry that the other was feeling left out, because they weren't. My dad was nice. My mom was nice. It was all so nice. I still have both of my parents and they are trying to be around and for that I am thankful.

My fattiness is been especially problematic the last few days for me because while I have lost a bunch of weight in most of the Thanksgiving pictures, well, I am still just fat. I have eaten a bunch of food, but I did manage to get in a 5.5 mile run this morning. Starting this running plan really, truly changed my life and gives me hope that I can keep up with this journey even during the eaty, eaty holidays, and for that, I am thankful.


Not Your Aunt B said...

You ran 5.5 miles? Give yourself some credit woman, that is an hour or more of straight running! WOOT!

Jen L. said...

Awesome list. I'm thankful we're bloggy friends. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Shelley said...

You are so cool - I love that you have taken the time to acknowledge all the crazy good things in your life!

And you may still have some weight to lose, but you are one of the fittest people I know. Go HP - Ms. 5.5 Miler!!!

DAVs said...

You do have some good stuff there! Congrats on 5.5 miles.

tara said...

We mustn't focus on what we are not doing, only on what we are doing. You, my dear, have done so, so much.

kilax said...

Your list is so sincere. I like that you alluded to how we sometimes focus on the small things that irritate us, rather than the big picture. That is something I really worked on this year (and still need to work on) in my relationships.

Yay! 5.5 miles!!!

Tammie said...

i love your thankful list.
and i agree with shelley, you are definitely one of the fittest people i know. lately whenever i feel like giving up in a workout, i think "HP could do this."

Lucy said...

We all tend to focus on what is driving us nuts and we write about it because it helps be less nuts but it is nice to remember what keeps us sane and happy and funny how it tends to be connected to the same things that drives us nuts (LOL) Anyways, what a great list!!

Not giving up the weight fight is a step in the right directions all together!!! You have made great progress just keep taking it a day at at a time:)

Fatinah said...

I'm thankful that you chose to blog and share your life with us.

creative kerfuffle said...

i am thankful that i ran across your blog and that we've become friends. i love your list, love your sincerity and am always so in awe of your accomplishments. you don't give yourself enough credit for your physical success this year.

Penny said...

All that fretting I did and it was a really great day...probably because I worried about it so much.

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