Friday, November 6, 2009

It's a miracle!

Tonight is another edition of 'Dinner and a Show'. We will be attending the community theater production of "Miracle Worker", which for those of you who aren't up on your Alabamians, it is the story of Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan.

But we aren't that interested in Helen Keller or Anne Sullivan...we are attending because we adore JAMES Keller. Why, oh, why do we have our hearts set on James? ahhh, because CK2 is playing James!! This is his first "adult" theater experience, I am really excited to see it even though I am not convinced that it is a story I am that interested in...I know, right? I kinda suck. We also get to feel very fancy and go to the window and get our comped tickets...all the stars get those and can "leave them at the window". Awesome.

On the subject of CK2 I had to play the pissed off mom card on him yesterday...I read a letter from his Dean that CK2 had not written a thank you for his scholarship, and the Dean had asked him 3 times already. I was NOT pleased. And CK2 got a text, voicemail and FB message instructing him to write.the.damn.letter. Dude, it is a $2,000 letter...just write the fucking thing already.

I wholeheartedly agree that my ingrate child should definitely thank the person who provided him that scholarship and also should have done it when the Dean first requested him to do so (hence the angry mother voice mail)...but the letter? I think it was completely inappropriate in verbiage and tone. I don't believe that that a Dean should ever threaten a kid "...if you intend to keep your scholarship", or write things like, "if I were the benefactor I would question why someone was so ungrateful and question whether you were a wise investment. Certainly there are other students who would be much more grateful ."

Maybe that is why there is a search for a new Dean in that school.

OR, am I just being one of "those" Mom's ?


Amy said...

nope... not being one of those moms. The Dean is being completely inappropriate. Yes, it would be nice to send a thank you letter... polite, respectful, all that jazz.

But really... it's not a requirement! Nobody said you're not going to get another scholarship if you don't send a thank you note! Threats are a step too far.

Anonymous said...

What fun! So this is the mailbox who is going to play James Keller? I think you are going to enjoy the Miracle Worker. I loved the story of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan when I was a girl. Two very strong-willed women who met their match in each other.

I agree that the tone of the Dean's letter was inappropriate in suggesting that he was ungrateful or possibly not deserving of the scholarship. We all know that college students can be very lazy and certainly that was the issue here. The Dean should have said what he really meant which was, "Please please please write this letter because the person who gave the scholarship is really rich and we're hoping to shake some more money out of them!" I'm sure the Dean could care less about the general politeness of writing a thank you letter.

creative kerfuffle said...

the dean is out of line, and i agree w/ the above comment--he just wants to make sure the giver keeps on giving. thank you notes are courtesies, not requirements.
and i hope you like the miracle worker. i've never seen the actual play but have seen the movie and did many a report on helen keller as a kid. the girl has too so i got to relive it all. it is a good story. strong women rock.
and--good luck tomorrow on the 10K!

Penny said...

I'm super excited because I didn't even know Helen Keller had a brother....

Yeah, he definitely should write the thank you, but the letter is weird...

Shelley said...

What they said about the Dean...he's all about keeping the donors happy.

Cool beans on your actor! Are you gonna bring a bouquet of flowers to present to him at the end? They do that at our local community theatre productions, and wouldn't you know it, the one time a friend of mine was actually the lead, I forgot to pick up some flowers!

kilax said...

I would be upset he didn't write the letter, but also not wanting the Dean butting in!

I hope you have fun at the play! :)

Tammie said...

no you arent being one of those moms. he of course should have written the letter, but there was no reason for the Dean to be so assy about the whole thing.

wafelenbak said...

I pretty much agree with the masses here. And the Dean sent him a FB message? That just seems weird.
Oh, that reminds me, thanks for your donation! I just found out about it today. ;)
Hope CK2 has a great show!

Fatinah said...

wow - that Dean is a bit crotchety! CK2 was simply acting how is brain is programed to act at his age (I know, I took a course of teenagers! HAHA). Of course he should say thank you, but that letter certainly didn't sound like it was intended to inspire..... as a Dean I would think he would want to do that??

How exciting about the play. I bet it will be a lovely evening. I find the story of Helen Keller fascinating.

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