Monday, November 23, 2009

this may or may NOT be cheating

but I am merely posting to fulfill NaBloPoMo. We are home, but not home. We have a second gig whereby we host MNF Bingo at a local watering hole, and I just grabbed Mr. P's computer real quick to do a post.

Let's see...we went to Tybee Island today and ate a bizarre crab place that has exotic birds, cats and alligators. Then we walked on the beach and gathered some shells...I have a present in mind for my mom. It may involve silver spray paint.

Then we drove home. At an outdoor Christmas light store we saw a cross made of white lights with a red and green Jesus (also made of lights) cruxified upon it. I missed the picture opportunity but the place is only 15 minutes outside of town, so I will be going back for a picture.

It was great to be away, but now it is great to be home. Thanksgiving awaits!!!


Anonymous said...

You ate a bizarre crab place that has exotic birds, cats and alligators? You must have an upset tummy. And how many points is that? Hee hee.

You MUST get a picture of light up Jesus.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Totally need to photograph light up Jesus. And creepy!

Can I come to your MNF Bingo? We could totally hang out. I'm rooting for Houston- hope that's ok!

Jen L. said...

MUST HAVE PICTURE OF CHRISTMAS LIGHT JESUS. I missed my once in a lifetime Christmas photo op when I failed to photograph the little Lord Jesus chained to his manger in Queens (someone stole the first one). Do this for me!

Please spray paint a shell silver for me, too.

Welcome home!

creative kerfuffle said...

yeah--we need to see that light up jesus.
welcome home--sounds like you had a great time : )

Amy said...

Can't wait to see the picture of the light up Jesus!

Lucy said...

A post is a post and definitely need a picture of that cross!!!

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