Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And so the holidays are right.up.on.us

So my Dad shows up for Thanksgiving tomorrow. He may or may not be bringing his girlfriend. You know, the one that is TWO years older than I am. I don't really get why she would come because she has a 14 year old child of her own that it seems like she might want to see at some point over the weekend. AND even though my sister is not thrilled at the prospect of her joining us, I don't even really believe she will come. There have been two other potential sightings and both times weird stuff (READ: Stuff she lied about) happened so she couldn't come. I hope that happens again.

AND, my Dad is also planning a get-together for my house tomorrow evening...he wants us to grill steak and sit outside around the fire pit having adult beverages under twinkling white lights. He had this whole plan for said twinkly lights that included some lumber and maybe a nail gun...we shall see. JUST IN CASE though, I did buy some marshmallows that are chocolate/vanilla swirl.

Then Thursday we have planned out every minute of the day beginning with pumpkin bread and "Thanksgiving" coffee (I don't know exactly about that, but check with Penny if you are curious), followed by some outdoor sporting activity (I hope for football this year), then sausage balls, then dinner, then fancy drinks, or maybe vice versa, then a block party downtown.

Block party? Downtown? On Thanksgiving? YES. Because while Thanksgiving is big, it isn't the BIGGEST thing happening this weekend in our neck of the woods. It is the Iron Bowl. Auburn verus Alabama. and I made a bet. A very, very scary bet. Jen, from Hey Y'all* is a die hard Bama girl. I am NOT. Loser will display themselves on their blog for all to see wearing a SNUGGIE from the other team. Mr. P is NOT pleased and swears he won't take the photo. So, on Friday afternoon, if you happen across CBS cheer for the orange and blue. That lunatic in the 13th row wearing orange and screaming her face off?

That will be me.

Last weekend was great. This weekend will be greatER.

War Eagle.

*I originally did the weblink wrong because I thought Jen used Wordpress. She doesn't. But, the chick at the other address was supposed to get asked out by some guy after he dumped his girlfriend but didn't. In case you were curious.


creative kerfuffle said...

omg---the chance at a snugglie pic? i will so be looking in on friday. i hope the girlfriend doesn't come. it sounds like you have some awesomesauce plans there hotch.
i think you should write a post for those non-sporty of us and explain the whole war eagle thing. get this--a few weeks ago i was in the marketplace on fb's farm town and two people were war eagle-talking all over the place. lol! of course i thought of you!

Anonymous said...

War Eagle!

We'll be watching and I'll look for you. Wave to me if you see the camera pointed at you, okay?

BTW - they have chocolate/vanilla swirled marshmallows? How did I not know this?

Jen L. said...

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!! When I saw the little asterisk, I thought you might have posted the picture of my bosom I sent you. (It was under a BAMA jersey, dirty people.) I'm way excited about our bet. Know why? We're gonna win!!!!! Have fun at the game, though. Wave to me if you get on the jumbo tron.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I love football bets. This is gonna be great! Have a happy Thanksgiving. Your dad (despite the crazy younger girlfriend) has a pretty cool idea for Thanksgiving Eve (a term the hospital makes up). And Thanksgiving sounds awesome! I am hoping to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like great Thanksgiving day plans. I am intrigued by the pumpkin bread & Thanksgiving coffee. Hope the floozie doesn't come.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Potcherys!

Lucy said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I will be waiting to hear about your Dad, the game and now I have to go find Thanksgiving coffee, sounds yummy.

Penny said...

I'm really thinking she is coming...I just FEEL it. ugh.

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