Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, now that my sister has found the blog I was trying to think of something funny I could write about that would make her laugh.

When I was younger I like d to write letters in such a way that there are dots at the "points" of each letter. I call it SororityGirl16point. If you were such a girl you know just what I mean, if not, here is a quick illustration:

Anyway, my sister thinks this is EXTREMELY dorky of me. Therefore, I went on a quest to find a font that mimics SororityGirl 16 point so that I could type out a whole post in it...and wait to see her reaction. Unfortunately, that is not going to come to pass...Did you know that you can buy fonts? And actually have to buy some fonts? I did find a font that was close to what I was imagining, but I wasn't sure I wanted to be $53 funny. Free funny is much more my style.

So, I had to take the post in a new direction since I already typed up the first paragraph, did the illustration, took the picture, uploaded, etc. But alas...on my quest, I discovered fonts for all moods and occasions.

On September 19, Talk Like a Pirate Day, you could blog in either


Or perhaps TreasureMap:

If you write about dogs, perhaps QuadrupetsDogs (it is kind of hard to read though):

Maybe you live on a farm where there was a bad accident, so ExplodingSheep is more your style:

Or maybe you want to get a guest host spot on CakeWrecks, so you use YearSupplyOfFairyCakes:

Maybe you really like Ellen DeGeneres and want to ShakeThatBooty:

Maybe you are mad at your boyfriend or you are a boy and want to write an X rated blog, JerkOff:

Or perhaps, SuckMyBalls:

But if you want to write Sorority Girl style, it is lamely called Telegram Com:
I would LOVE to abuse my authority as a professor and assign a report and have the requirements be:

Please complete the assignment using SuckMyBalls 12 point, double spaced.


Alice said...

i would have DIED if a prof gave me that assignment. in a good way, i mean. but then my parents would have gotten all huffy about it if they'd found out. boo.

Tracy said...

I think that one is really pretty close.

I'm so tired today I don't have any energy to be clever.

Jen L. said...

You would be my hero if you did that. Hell, I may do that for my class next semester. :)

Kathi said...

I do prepress production and started out as a typographer oh so long ago, so this... Did you know that you can buy fonts? And actually have to buy some fonts?... made me giggle after thinking how many thousands of dollars my shop has spent on fonts :-)

But! Did you know you can make your own font, yes, even SororityGirl, for $9?

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