Monday, November 10, 2008

I was so ready to rant and rave...

and...I got nothing.

I teach in a business school and one of the things in our "mission" is to expose students to as many business people as we can. This summer, Mr. P and I frequented a watering hole (that sounds way better than the place where Mr. P and I get drunk, right?) and got to know two of the bartender/servers and come to find out their Dad is a big wig. (As an aside, is it appropriate to capitalize Dad?) So, we did some talking, I called their Dad, and after several months of planning, he arrived here...FROM INDIA...on Saturday so that he could talk to several groups of our students. Well, last night he wanted Mr. P and I, him and his kids to go to dinner...the total was $200 (my dinner was only $9, but I did order hummus as an appetizer). I picked it up the check. Now my checking account won't cover rent.

So, I am sick all last night and early this morning that my boss is not going to reimburse me (normally we only get reimbursed for faculty and the actual guest) and that I am going to have to cause a scene because the guest paid his own airfare and lodging, and all he asked for was this. one. meal. and get up off the checkbook, Jackass, and pay me back, or I will never get another person in here to talk to these kids.

So our administrative assistant isn't here, but I see that my boss is, so I bite the bullet, knock on his door, go in, and tell's the deal.

His response:


Hmmm. Awesome, but now what do I do for my fucking blog post?


Swistle said...

Oh! I totally know what you mean! What are you supposed to do with all that Rant Energy NOW??

Tracy said...

Did you order hummus because he was from India and you thought all Indian people love hummus?

Hotch Potchery said...

He is not actually from India..he is from Kansas. That would have been funny though.

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