Thursday, November 20, 2008

Total and UTTER thievery

So my sister did an awesome post last night about her pretend celebrity/character boyfriends. I am totally piggybacking, stealing, copying, plagiarizing, you name it, I am totally thieving her very cool post. I did ask in her comments if I could do my own post, but then I am totally writing this write right now before I even know if she said yes. (Isn't that an interesting misuse of a homophone?)

After reading her list I was relieved that we aren't going to start a sister feud over pretend boyfriends...none of her dudes made my list, and really the only ones that I thought about were Matthew Fox and Luke from Gilmore Girls. (Oh, side note to Tracy: Where is Jack from Missing Persons?) I love that she likes the dad from the football could have asked me to list 300 shows that she would like, and I would have put the Texas football show dead last.

Okay, so my pretend boyfriends: (Oh, and no stealing.)

Peyton Manning. Dude can totally play some football. Mr. P got me an official Peyton Manning jersey for Christmas last year. I couldn't officially love him until he graduated from college (he went to a rival school), but as soon as he did I declared my love for all the world to hear. I even think he was kind of funny on SNL.

Elliot Stabler. (SVU). Mr. P always gets disturbed when I mention how hot I think Christopher Meloni is...apparently he did some weird stuff on Oz. I never saw that show so my image of him remains untainted.

Patrick Dempsey. When I was an undergrad the first time, the only video I owned was "Can't Buy Me Love". McDreamy for sure.

Josh Lyman/Danny Tripp . Both are characters played by Bradley Whitford. (West Wing and Studio 60). He is not your typical "hot", but the characters are always smart, funny, and flawed pretty seriously.

Tom Colicchio. Head judge from Top Chef. I don't know if its the eyes, the baldness, or the chefy swagger.

ETA: I had a totally inappropriate American Idol crush on David Cook. I even bought his CD from iTunes. I watch Idol every year. The kid in high school, Mr. P, and I every night. We sit. We criticize. Then this year, I fell hard. I voted. Every time. I am such a loser. This probably should have been my BlogSecret secret.

Okay, now I want to list my pretend friends...same concept, just maybe no sexual tension...TV/Movie characters that I want to know in real life and be their friends. I know this is bizarre and I like tv too much, and feel free to laugh...this is something that I KNOW is embarrassing, and I just don't care.

Ross Gellar. I also have a PhD and like to pretend it means alot more than it does. We could sit around and talk about abstracts and conferences and regression and call each other Dr.

House. I love the sarcasm and the brilliance. Except he probably would call me fat since he is brutally honest that way, so I probably need to lose weight first.

Christine. and Barb. and Matthew. and Richard. and even New Christine. I think I just want to move next door to that show. (New Adventures of Old Christine).

And my all time favorite new BFF? Sheldon from Big Bang Theory.

Someday maybe I will tell you about the celebrities I am enemies with (Billy Bob Thornton don't act like you don't know what you did).


Tracy said...

Yeah, we are definitely good on the not stealing each others fake boyfriends.

The guy from Missing Persons/Frasier and the hot Croatian guy from ER are on my second string list, he got bumped from the Varsity team, I'm sure he is really sad.

Swistle said...

Okay, but MY boyfriend is Perry Cox, MD, from Scrubs. He's MINE.

Kathi said...

Friday Night Lights dad would be on my list too but in his previous incarnation of Gary Hobson (Early Edition).

And it is good that you never saw Oz if Stabler is on your list because Chris Keller is so totally not!Stabler in every way.

Jen L. said...

THat's a great post! I did a brief mention of some of my boyfriends in a post a while back ago. I also had an unnatural American Idol crush on David Cook. I voted an embarassing amount of times. :)

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Um, I think you are mistaken. Peyton Manning is my boyfriend. Ever since he played at Tennessee. Totally love him. Watch every game (this season is killing me, BTW). In full Colts gear. We'll just have to have some type of polygamist wife agreement or something, because I won't give him up.

And I am totally telling my friend who knows the actor that plays Sheldon that he is your new BFF.

Tracy said...

I don't think Big Bang Theory is funny. I don't understand why anyone would be friends with that guy because he is too annoying.

Hotch Potchery said...

Two things. One, I am okay with a polygamist agreement, Bea.

And, well, Jim is gay.

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