Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, today's the day. The day I hopefully do not give my family food poisoning. The turkey is stuffed and roasting. (I had a little bit of stuffing for breakfast...tied with mashed potatoes, stuffing may be my favorite part of the meal.)

I also had a, "duh" moment this morning. There is a reason you are supposed to cook your desserts yesterday...once my turkey is in the oven, no room for anything else. So, um, when I am I supposed to bake the cheesecake? I think I decided that I will bake that while we are eating...

So, just for fun, I clicked on the Thanksgiving countdown, kind of hoping there would be a checklist for the biggest issue when I cook is getting everything done at the same time. The tip was, Don't forget to be thankful. Oh yeah.

I am thankful (not always in this order):

-for my family, my band of 7 (Mr. P, kiddos, Steamboat, Steamboat's parents).

-that while the economy fucked up my ideas of what I wanted Christmas to be like this year (traveling to my sister's), that is really the extent to which it will affect us.

-for stuffing and mashed potatos.

I hope everyone has, or had a wonderful day. I leave you with this Thanksgiving, oh so, many years ago when I made everyone either make a Native American, or Pilgrim outfit...


Tracy said...

Ugh, my jeans are awful, but that was a fun day.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Happy Thanksgiving! That photo is hysterical.

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