Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What vegetables, exactly?

So today's preparation tip is to bake the desserts for tomorrow, and cut up all the vegetables. mmm. I ask again, what vegetables exactly?

So I think I will skip that part, and get to work on my desserts...pumpkin gingerbread trifle and pumpkin cheesecake. I will keep you posted...

Okay, so far I have washed the trifle dish that my sister gave me several Christmases ago and I bought a spring pan, which I had to google to see exactly what it was. These desserts should be AWESOME.

First update: I have baked the gingerbread and COOKED the pudding for the trifle.

When cooking the pudding I made a comment to Mr. P that it seemed strange to cook the pudding. He looked at me in utter surprise, "You don't normally cook the pudding?" Which is, we are not big pudding eaters, and two, NO, why would you cook pudding for just normal consumption? Also, note the plastic wrap on the surface of the pudding...that is going to make it creamier.

Okay, well I am worn out from all the cooking, so we are going to go eat Mexican food, maybe go see Four Christmases, and buy a Thanksgiving tablecloth and fruits, nuts, and candles for the know, so it looks pretty for all the food.

Update 2: We end up getting ditched for Four Christmases by the children, so we took our time and browsed numerous stores to the point I am now exhausted. But, at least when we got home, I got my first FAIL out of the way.

I didn't fully bake one pan of gingerbread. And, when I was making my whipped cream, I ran out of vanilla, so I didn't fully finish putting the trifle together. Here is where we are now:
Not exactly:

We'll see how it tastes tomorrow. Honestly, now I am not sure why I even thought I would like it. I like gingersnaps, but not gingerbread, and I like pumpkin fluff (from weight watchers), but not pumpkin pie. At least I used the trifle bowl.

Now to watch Top Chef and go to bed...I have a FULL day ahead of me tomorrow.


Marmite Breath said...

Okay, I have made two pumpkin pies, a tiramisu (OMG, i licked the bowl from the marscapone/egg/espresso/sugar and OMG I saw stars it was so good).

I think the turkey is defrosted. Please baby Jesus, let it be defrosted.

DAVs said...

I love baking new desserts!
I usually find it relieves stress. This year, I didn't try any. Oh well, there's always Christmas, and my list of "to try" desserts is very, very long.
Hope it all turns out delish!

--V said...

I gave my mom a weight watcher's recipe for a vanilla pumpkin cheesecake, at her request (after I mentioned it). I wonder if we'll have that, or whether she's decided against it.

I'm home today. I've been pottering around and I keep coming back to the Internet saying, "Where is everybody? Oh yeah, it's the day before Thanksgiving. Most of them are probably busy."

Well, back to pottering I go.

Tracy said...

That looks very pretty, I think I would definitely like it!

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