Monday, November 17, 2008

The verdict is in...

So, I was looking at my weekend posts, and they weren't very "weekendy". Heavy, dude. So, since this is Monday, I figured I would get down to some important business.

Pummelos are good. The rind is really, really thick, and there is a lot of the white gunk from the peel that you have to strip off even after you peel it. (Man, I really should be a food writer.) The actual fruit meat (yes, that is right, the meat of the fruit is the part you eat), was a really pretty pink, so I took a picture.

This picture makes these pummello sections look kind of like a heart? (Maybe too much Grey's Anatomy this weekend.)

Unlike an orange or tangerine, you don't eat any of the "membrane" so when you are done, you are stuck with a huge pile of pummello trash, and you get kind of messy, so I wouldn't recommend as a fruit for the lunch box, especially if you use lunch to catch up on blog reading (which is what I read was the time for highest blog traffic)...but a fruit to eat while watching television...absolutely.

Oh yeah, what does it taste like? Grapefruit, only not as intense.

While we are on the topic of food, what is going to be on your Thanksgiving table? I am working on my menu. So far I have the basics, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatos, gravy, rolls, corn, green beans, and my twists for this year: pumpkin/gingerbread trifle, pumpkin cheesecake, and homemade cranberry dipping sauce and cranberry jelly. The kid in college asked for a casserole of some sort, preferably including sour cream and/or cream cheese...any ideas?

And one more thing...tomorrow is BlogSecret. The post on this blog will not be mine, mine is going to be on...oh wait. It's a secret!


Tracy said...

That looks disgusting, like a kidney or something.

I saw this recipe yesterday for something called Monkey Bread where you take raw biscuits and put cream cheese in the middle with some sugar and other stuff and then make it in in looked pretty.

Marmite Breath said...

That looks foul!

I'm thinking basic for Thanksgiving this year. I just can't get excited about it since I have no metabolism and know that whatever I eat is going to stay with me for six months. Therapy, here I come.

Jen L. said...

GROSS! I thought that was a raw chicken breast at first! Pumellos are awesome, though.

Go to this post
on my blog and there just so happens to be a cheeseball recipe and a recipe for my corn casserole, which involves sour cream. Tell kid in college she has good taste!

Would you please post your pumpkin cheesecake recipe? :) pleeeease?

Alice said...

i TOTALLY thought that was a heart, even once you started explaining what it was.. i had to go back and look at it again :-)

my mom is stricly banned from changing ANYTHING about thanksgiving at our house. we have:

-turkey, obvs (heritage turkeys, these days!)
-my mom's amazing stuffing, made w/the giblets and apple jack
-potato & turnip mash
-brussel sprouts w/bacon
-carrots (usually in honey glaze)
-cranberry/pear jelly
-pumpkin pie

the "bread" part is allowed to be changed up.. sometimes cornbread, sometimes rolls, sometimes.. um.. other things. everything else, though, is REQUIRED :-)

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