Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It seems that perhaps the FoodNetwork Thanksgiving Countdown may be an advertising gimic and NOT a helpful guide to make sure that I don't fuck up Thanksgiving. I got up this morning, all excited, thinking surely today will be the day that I bake the gingerbread for the trifle, or take a trial run making the homemade cranberry sauce, or even make placecards for the table...anything, something to make me feel that on Thanksgiving I have a shot in hell at everything being ready by 2pm.

Today's tip? Learn to carve like Bobby Flay. CHECK.

I didn't really learn to carve like Bobby Flay, Mr. P carves, so I don't need to. It does feel sort of hollow though. sigh.

Since I have no work to do here, I think I will go get a pedicure (I have to go shave my legs first...do you do that?), then shop for a new tablecloth and fruits/nuts/candles for my Thanksgiving table, and get a card for Steamboat that works...since the last one I sent was broken (no music, just plain).

Before I go, for those of you who don't believe we get the gorgeous colors down here:

However, I should disclose that the colors last maybe 3 days, then all the leaves fall off at once. We have green for 9 months, colors for 3 days, then bare for 3 months - 3 days. But those 3 days? GORGEOUS.


Tracy said...

You totally have to shave your legs before a pedicure, otherwise you are gross.

Jen L. said...

Pretty leaves. We had leaves that looked JUST like that...for 3 days!

And yes, I shave before a pedicure. Otherwise, they would cut their hands when they do the "slap your calves" thing.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I want fall leaves! We're just now starting to have the leaves turn color. And yes, shave those legs!

Kathi said...

Yup, definitely shave!

Even here in a more northerly location, the fall colors don't last long in some places. In fact, the tree in front of my house is almost like your trees: colors for maybe a week, then you blink and no leaves.

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