Saturday, November 22, 2008

I totally didn't even know that Lionel Richie was hungry

My sister moved to New Jersey seven years ago and right after she moved there, she went to a bar with her husband and Lionel Richie was at the same bar. I also have a great memory of "falling in love" to a Lionel Richie song. OH. And I have a People magazine with Nicole Richie and her baby Harlow. That is the extent of my Lionel Richie knowledge.

To be a bit more thorough I queried Mr. P as to his Lionel Richie knowledge and he said, I think his daughter is adopted and he sang "Lady". (He even sang a bit of it so that I would get his point.)

HOWEVER, if you google, "Lionel Richie Hunger Problem" you get my blog. Who knew? And if you have any other Lionel Richie trivia, comment away, and maybe we can start the LionelRichipedia.

PS Apparently there is a porn version of this song if you are interested.


Tracy said...

I know Lionel Richie is from Alabama. That is all I got.

Jen L. said...

The Polish freakin' LOVE Lionel Richie! I was over there doing a theatre festival in 2002 and they were all like "Do you like Lionel Richie!?!?" They were so excited. That is the CD they played on a loop at a party. You've really never lived til you've seen a 6 ft. 5 in. Polish guy singing "Easy Like Sunday Morning."

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