Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life isn't fair

I know, I big surprise, right?

But I don't even mean that my life isn't fair, even though I do think my sister and I got a crappy hand in the parent department.

But what about:

The very active "sports" Dad to 3 young kids getting diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer? He is now so worn out from the treatments that he can't always get to the games that he used to coach.

A young, sweet, hard working couple coming to a possible realization that they may not have biological children, even though that is their one true desire?

The grandfather that was so devasted to lose a grandchild four summers ago being told he was going to be a grandfather again, only to then learn that this new baby that gave him so much hope has the same genetic condition that took his first grandchild?

A young mother of two discovering that both of her children carry a gene for a condition that will render both blind before they are 20?

Life really can throw people such horrible circumstances, and today that is making me sad. Not for me. For these families who have to live these circumstances, the circumstances that both make me want to ask God to help them out, and at the same time make me question a Higher Power altogether.

I can't be too sad for me, I get to love these guys...

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