Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Update

I love this time of year...when weekends and weekdays all blend together in a flurry of activities, cooking, parties, shopping, and general fun. I am afforded this luxury mainly due to my job, so for 5 weeks in the summer, and the time from now until mid January, I. LOVE. MY. JOB. I still have work to do, but nothing very pressing, and usually under the condition of if/when I feel like it. More often than not, I do feel like it in the afternoons, especially when my DVR is bare (like it is now). The only "big" thing I have is a 4 page proposal that must be submitted by 11/30. I am hoping I get it done tomorrow/Tuesday.

So what have we done this weekend? Mr. P and I met friends for beers and pizza on Friday night. Yesterday we watched a little college football, but neither of my teams played so the kid in college and I did major damage to my DVR, then watched Once Upon a Christmas, then Twice Upon a Christmas on ABC Family Channel countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas countdown. We then watched the 1995 Freaky Friday with Shelley Long and Gaby Hoffman...I have no idea how that version slipped by me...people switching bodies is one of my favorite movie genres (third only to natural disaster and holiday movies).

Then today, Mr. P and I tackled my monumental grocery list. All I think I still need is bread (for turkey sandwiches), and pecans, for the pumkin cheesecake recipe found here. I am happy with our final menu, and am carefully following the FoodNetwork countdown to is put the frozen turkey in the refrigerator. CHECK. I hope it stays this easy.


Jen L. said...

YEAH, bourbon spiked cream on your pumpkin cheesecake!!! Thanks for posting that recipe. Have you made Paula Deen's bourbon pecan pie? Because it is to die for.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I so want to make that pumpkin pecan cheesecake, but the hubby is against mixing the two. Boo! You'll have to let me know how it turns out.

Nilsa said...

I love this time of year when the office feels a little more empty. And my co-workers who stick around are a little less productive. It's like a natural slowdown in anticipation of a long weekend. I cannot imagine working in retail at this time of year ... no way!

Tracy said...

My entire meal is being delivered on Wednesday, I'm exhausted from all the ordering.

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