Saturday, November 8, 2008

For the love of muffins

Post Backstory: Circa the week before Halloweenish

About three weeks ago Mr. P and I were browsing around Sam's. We decided to go gawk at the giant tubs of baked goods. We both love the baked goods, but are smart enough to know we can't buy them at Sam's.

So it is like we are touring the Smithsonian of Baked Goods:

"Look at those tiny brownie bites"

"Yeah, those are cool...but check out this giant box of cheese danish"

"I like this spidery looking cake"

You get the idea. Then, Mr. P gets quite serious and says, "I have made a decision."

Things go swirling through my mind...He is going to vote for McCain. He is giving up gluten. He is leaving me for Christie Brinkley. He is going to buy the new N'Sync CD.

Tentatively, I ask, "And what decision is that?"

Mr. P., "I have decided that I am going to start eating muffins."

Present Day

Yesterday Mr. P and I met for lunch in the downtown area of our little town. I had some good gossip to share about friends from college and our kid in college regarding the recent unexpected departure of one of her roommates. Then I was telling him about how visitors to the blog have really spiked over the last few days with NaBloPoMo, Twitter, and my sister. I then proceded to tell him that surely I was going to get very, very popular and someone from Hollywood was going to find it and want to make a movie. He is a good sport, and nods approvingly.

I decide to take it one step further.

"Who do you think will play you walking around Sam's talking about your love of muffins?"

With no hesitation, as if he has been waiting for me to ask this question for three years he says:

Denzel Washington.


Jen L. said...

That is a brilliant story.

My mother in law ALWAYS has one of those enormous boxes of danish in her house and demands that we eat a lot of them quickly so they won't go stale. This is why I gain 5 pounds every time I visit her.

Congrats on your blog visitors! I'm excited about the increased traffic, too!

DAVs said...

HA! That story was hysterical. I can only imagine you and your sister when you get together--and I only know you from blogland (duh).

Thanks for the support on my blog. Sometimes Lee and I shake our heads at how hard we are working, how much money we are spending, how much agony we are putting ourselves through--just to join the ranks of the masses of overtired, overworked, underappreciated parents out there. Crazy isn't it?

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