Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting my vote on!

I am so excited to vote that on a normal non-alarm day, I set the alarm for 6am, and rolled out of bed at 8:17am all for the purpose of going to get my vote on.

See you on the other side, VOTAHS!!!
(of "have voted" versus "have not voted yet")!

ETA: I voted! So for all you other voters, was yours electronic? Chads? Or like mine...totally old school...broken arrows pointing to each candidate and you fill in the arrow for the candidate of your choosing?

I can't wait to watch the results tonight...I kind of even wish I had a map I could color in and tally the electoral votes myself! (Even later edit: Mr. P DID bring me a map to color. I hope it turns out beautifully!!!)

Do you see how Alabama is blue? I wish.


Kathi said...

I had the old-school broken arrows ballot too (Chicago - northwest side)! My polling place did not have a long line this morning when I went to vote before work, but other places have had major lines and waits. Perhaps my neighborhood was full of those who took advantage of early voting?

Hotch Potchery said...

kathi...wow, I would think in the big time of Chicago you would be able to whisper your vote to a cyborg or something.

Tracy said...

ahhh you did it. I'm too tired to catch up, it will be a great work activity.

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