Friday, November 14, 2008

Pummello, anyone?

So the other night we went out with some friends and had some drinks. As we were heading home, I realized that I NEEDED sugar and shredded cheese, immediately. I had wanted to make the kid some brownies and we had no sugar, and I wanted to have leftover Mexican food for lunch, but needed shredded cheese. I explain the dilemma to Mr. P and he agrees to drop by the grocery store so that I can buy shredded cheese and sugar. However, I did not stick to the list. When tipsy shopping, you should always. stick. to. the. list. If you don't, you end up buying some weird stuff.

I did buy sugar and cheese, but also chocolate milk, a habanero pepper, an asian pear, a pomegranate and a pummelo. Luckily, since I have no idea what a pummelo actually is, their are directions on how to eat it:

So now, after having beverages, I know that I should not: call anyone, text anyone, email, blog, comment on a blog, or shop for produce.


Jen L. said...

I LOVE Pummelo! They are addictive, but quite good for you! That is nice that they give you directions.

--V said...

I'm a little leery of fruit that comes with instructions...I hope you let us know how it tastes.

You know, looking at your grouping, each of those things has something in common with another -- color (yellow seems to prevail), food type (produce, dairy, condiment), purpose (I came in here for it, it would go good with leftover Mexican--I'm thinking of the habaƱero there).

Or it could be drunken randomness. Whichever.

Meaghan said...

it's a shame that the makers of the pummelo assume that you know how to eat a grapefruit.

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