Sunday, May 31, 2009

irritated to the max

I am at Panera, blogging, because I am completely irritated with everyone in my family. NOW, I know you are thinking...really, everyone? Could it maybe, possibly, by a slim margin of a chance really be YOU that is the problem and not everyone else???

Let's see.

College kid the first is working out of town this summer and told us of her desired departure date and would we be available to drive her to the airport 100 miles away. I checked with Mr. P and there is an activity he had already decided he wanted to do that day, so I informed said child that she would have to take the shuttle if that was the day she was leaving. Later I find out (on Facebook) that she bought a ticket for the day in question. I ask her about her departure time to find out it is earlier than the first shuttle could get her there. When I mentioned that, her response, "I figured since it was so early, you guys could still just take me."

umm. WHAT?

This weekend we planned a trip to the lake on the boat, leave Saturday lunchtime, set up camp, float around, get up early Sunday (today), take the kids tubing, lunch it on the water, then home to get ready for the work week. So, Saturday morning we try to roust the kids and they are not interested in camping, but want to come up to tube on Sunday. I tell the guys need to be up there by 10:30am, so we can get tubing before the CRAZY CRAZY boat traffic shows up and makes it too hard for our baby boat. Mr. P and I head out and have a kickass time. Flash forward to this morning. We get up early, pack up, take all the gear back to the truck and start calling/texting the children. No replies. That in itself drives me batshit crazy because I pay.a.ton. for cellphones that do not get answered. So we decide, whateva, and we go to do our thing. RIGHT after we anchor in our favorite cove I check the phone and got a text from the older, "We will be leaving shortly". ugh, it came in 20 minutes ago, and its 40 minutes to the lake. We pull up the anchor and start heading back to the dock. I call to check where they are and where we are picking them up. and call. and call. and call. and text. and text. and call. FOR OVER ONE HOUR. I finally get the older on the phone and "they had gotten up but fell back to sleep". Oh my god. I had a stroke, died, Mr. P revived me, then I started the yellling about the rudeness, the lack of respect, the RUDENESS. I wasted my.lake.time. trying to be so so so sure those kids were not waiting or lost or anything, and they were home asleep. I tell her my house better be absolutely perfect when I get home.

We have a fab afternoon floating and getting decadent amounts of sun while reading trashy magazines. Then we load up the boat and head home. Once we got to the house, Mr. P needed the car in the carport moved so he could park the boat. I get in, and there are CIGARETTES and a lighter. Now I focus my pissiness on Mr. P, "Nice habit. Aren't you glad your daughter smokes now too?" (Mr. P smokes and I hate it.) I go in the house, the elder is sleeping with tupperware of food on the floor, her stuff all over, and then is indignant when I flip the fuck out. She has her own apartment, if she doesn't like my rules, she is free to.go.home.

I am so mad, I decide to throw on my workout gear and head to Body Pump, then do a quick run, after which Mr. P is going to meet me at Panera for some dinner. I do Body Pump, added weights, broke my triceps. Then went outside to do a little run and my fucking headphones are going in and out, my bad, I always wrap them around my iPod and keep it in my purse. I cut it short, and head to Panera to do a bit of laptopping whilst I wait. Panera is closing early, so I text Mr. P just to let him know and calls me and tells me to eat without him because he put some laundry in the dryer and hadn't taken his shower and blah blah blah but won't make it here in AN HOUR. We live 10 minutes away.

OH.MY.GOD. could someone please just stick with a plan???????



creative kerfuffle said...

oh holy hell! i have THIS to look forward to from teenagers? really. i want my money back. i hate when everyone in the house gets on my nerves at the same time. damn douche canoes.

DAVs said...

What a day. And I thought it was bad that our friends were thirty minutes late to the springs where we swam.

My favorite part of your post: I have a stroke, died, Mr. P revived me.
too funny!

Jen L. said...

Um, CK gets the word of the day award for "Douche Canoes." :D

Dude. Mama needs a spa day. They owe you BIG TIME.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

We could be twins. It ANNOYS (i.e. PISSES THE FUCK OUT OF ME) when people are flaky and can't stick to a plan. If I lived closer I would have met you at Panera and then we could have grabbed a beer. Hope your week is better!

Alice said...

oh god, posts like this make me die a little, because i am SURE i was exactly that ungrateful, lazy-ass teenager to my poor, good, deserving-of-better parents for YEARS. I AM SO SORRY, mom and dad.

ps - uber impressed you got up BEFORE work to exercise last week! daaaamn, girl!

kilax said...

This is what makes me CRAZY about my family as well - NO ONE can coordinate or stick to a schedule. My husband and I are CONSTANTLY waiting around for people. We waste SO MUCH TIME.

I feel your pain. ;) I am happy you escaped for a bit.

When we all get together at our cabin to do the same sort of actives, so much time is wasted for people getting ready to get on the boat. They're just so unorganized. Ugh. Usually I sit in the boat down on the dock for about 30 mins with my dad and husband until everyone shows up.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it was a world conspiracy to just irritate the shit out of you as much as possible? That seems like too many assholey coincidences all at once.

wafelenbak said...

Oh man. Mama needs a spa day INDEED!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I would have been pissed. That is one of the things that REALLY makes me angry when I feel like people have no respect for me or my time, like sitting around waiting for them is my privilege. I think you reacted appropriately.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

Sounds like you and the Mr. P need to make said kids pay for their own cell phones. And/or take away their cell phones when they do not answer your calls/texts. And then, once that's off your back, you tell them they either get to go camping the whole weekend or no tubing at all, because you don't want your whole day ruined because you've spent it waiting for them. (Well, this is what should be said next time!) And then you've got to stick to the plan - YOUR plan!!!

Fatinah said...

your post makes me feel better about what I'm going through with my daughter. She is thoughtful towards me in the very same way!

Anonymous said...

I don't really have anything to add. I just dropped by to say Hi. :-)

Swistle said...

Adrenaline.pumping. No one to take it out on. Except this cake.

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