Sunday, May 10, 2009

poor old bat

you guys are awful. I do NOT mean my mother-in-law (that post requires photos and some detail watch for it this week) or even my mother. Totally different type of old bat. This afternoon we were out perusing the newly de-pollened porch and Mr. P saw that we had a buddy:

From another angle:

We opened the door to the porch so he could escape when he woke up and we headed out for Mexican food and Star Trek. both were delicious. kudos to J.J. Abrahms and the new young crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

When we got home we checked on our tenant, and alas, he was not hanging from the lights. We were happy he had gone on his merry way. Then the highschool kid said, "oh. he isn't gone." And then I saw him. DEAD. on the table. right under where he was hanging. Mr. P checked on him, and his assessment on time of death, "a long ass time ago".

Poor old bat. literally.

Happy Mother's Day.


tara said...

This is heartbreaking. I really wanted the bat to get out of there. He probably starved to death on your porch because he couldn't figure out how to get out. I'm really sad about that poor guy.

But I still hope your mother's day way good. Except for the dead stuff.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Please tell me you didn't touch him. If you touched him with your bare hands I have one word for you- rabies. And the shots hurt like a mother (well, not the one that goes into your arm so much but there are so many of those in the rabies series).
Happy Mother's Day!

Jen L. said...

Poor bat.

creative kerfuffle said...

poor bat! i'm glad we only have birds that build nests on top of the columns on our front porch. bats would freak me the hell out.

grace said...

That's just weird! Yeah, no bare-hands touching. There's rabies. And plague.

Anonymous said...

Ew. That is all I have to say on dead bat subject.


Anonymous said...

Bats are cool. dead bats... not as much.

Astarte said...

How weird that it fell down right after you noticed it. Poor thing. I kind of wish we had a bat around to deal with some of the bugs. I hate bugs WAY more than bats.

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