Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here we go, here we go again.

I am back on the crud. I keep teasing Mr. P that I gots the swine flu, but it is really the back end of the allergy/coldy thing I had last week. That is why it is a gorgeous Saturday and I have my laptop and DVR, not a boat and a tent. boo.

But that isn't what I meant. My stress dreams are back. When I was working on my PhD, I had this recurring dream that right before I defended my dissertation, Mr. P re-enlisted in the Air Force and he got stationed in Germany. I go with him, but can't get a job teaching because I am not done with my degree, and I am relegated to working as a cashier. During the dream, I ask myself...why the fuck didn't I just stay and finish, then join Mr. P later? (I tend to forget in these dreams that I do actually have a Master's degree and could just be a regular accountant.)

Then I defended my dissertation and the dreams went away.

Now they are back with a little twist. I leave my current position without getting tenure, move to an obscure Air Force base in Germany without contacting anyone about teaching overseas, and get there and have to try to find a job because we just can't make it on an E-4's salary. Again, I wonder in my dream, why are we so dumb?

I am not sure this dream would make that good of a movie, so I am leaning towards the one new thing a week plan. (Jen, you are on the path to that TGIFriday's gift certificate.) I already have ideas for some of the new things, and think I might divide them into categories: healthy healthy healthy new things, entertainment new things, goody goody new things (stuff that is good for environment, volunteering, etc.), and miscellaneous new things. What might make this a bit of a challenge is that I do NOT have NYC as a backdrop, but a tiny town in Alabama, so I will have to get creative! *

I think this is golden...really, who would not want to see Bette Midler take a spin class, make muscadine jam or go to midnight bowling? SCORE. I see a summer release, maybe 2012.

*As a bonus, I can incorporate everyone's ideas into this plan (well, maybe not dog poop art) so you need to start thinking about who will play YOU in the movie!


Anonymous said...

So Bette Midler is going to play you?

Dog poop art was a good idea and I'm not giving you any of my other ideas.

Kate Wislet is going to play me.


Anonymous said...

Kate Wislet is almost as cool as Kate Winslet...

Jen L. said...

Fantastic! Glad you are inspired. And TOTALLY excited about being in the running for a TGIFriday's gift certificate. You can come eat with me.

Yeah, Alabama is waaay different from NYC for doing new things (as I've recently learned), but it can be done! I like your idea.

Bette is a good choice. She should have at least one break-into-song moment. If I were a bit older, Diane Keaton would play me because she is amazing, but as it is, maybe Anne Hathaway.

Sorry you've got the crud. How is it so nice at your house and so gross at mine? Feel better soon. Don't get the swine flu, or as my students are calling it, Hamthrax.

Astarte said...

You cannot have Bette Midler play you if you're going to have Denzel play your hubs. It would be WAY too weird!!!!!! You need someone better for you, absolutely.

Bulge to Bump said...

I can't get over the crud either...I think its college student funk...maybe I'll get over it when they leaver for the summer :)

creative kerfuffle said...

i like hamthrax! LOL and i totally think bette and denzel could get it on! sheesh.
sooo, if bette is playing you (i've always thought she'd play ME in my life story but whatev) then maybe i'd get either stockard channing or lisa lampanelli (you know, that comedian w/ the totally foul mouth?) to play me.
i like your idea of doing something new every week. i think for one of the weeks you need to take photos while you jog. i can't really take credit for this idea tho cos we just watched yesman and the girl in the movie did that. but still, i thought it was cool.
and--the girl has been coughing and felt warm, i panicked before taking her temp--sure she had hamthrax--but she didn't even have a fever. thank god.

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