Thursday, May 7, 2009

Out of sync

By the time I had been awake for two hours I had done laundry and run 3 miles. Problem is, I got up at noon. I was up until well after 3am. Seems my hamthrax (not my term, Jen L. used it in a comment) has downgraded to croup. Which means as soon as I lay down, I am Coughy McCoughsALot. Plus, I have been using cold medicine at night so falling asleep has been easy, and now it is time for me to get off the meds. My waking hours are not in sync with the rest of my family, or any people on central time for that matter.

I am in a point in my schedule where I can "afford" to sleep in and only accomplish a 3.1 mile run in a workday. BUT, I have WORKwork to do. I have HOUSEwork to do. And I start thinking about getting something accomplished and I realize ehh...I still have 5 days until the house needs to be sparkly (owner coming by), and 8 days until my MOTHER shows up (oh my god. 8 days until my MOTHER shows up for EIGHT days), 11 days until I start summer school, and 13 days until my MOTHER-IN-LAW shows up (I need to write a whole post about what that means).* plenty of time to get everything done. plenty. that is my modus operandi. When I have buttloads to do, I do nothing, nothing, nothing, whirlwind.

Anyways, also out of sync? My stride. I know I did a 5K route, same neighborhood route we have done bunches of times, but today, I only got cred for 2.75 miles. DUDES. I am an accountant/auditor. If I report stats on WeightWatchers or here, I like backup. So this whole post I have felt guilty for saying 3 miles when my Nike+ only says 2.75. bitch.

For you WeightWatcher's out there...if I input jogging for 48 minutes (I know, right. turtling it up big time), I get credit for 9 Activity Points...but according to my Nike + I burned 494 calories which is 5 Activity Points. I have been going with the Nike +, but I like the WW more! WW seems to reward me for going longer but slower. (yeah, that's what she said.)

*There are also FUN things happening in the same window. Highschool kid in Fiddler on the Roof, Highschool kid becoming College Kid II, and sister, brother-in-law, and NEPHEW visiting!!!!


Anonymous said...

Why can't you just call them girl and boy, college kid I and II is to confusing.

DUDE I only get 4 points for 40 minutes of jogging what the fuckity fuck?

Why the hell do the damn owners need to come over, what is wrong with them?

andrea. said...

I've been having the same issue with figuring activity points! WW always tells me it's more. I'm wondering if this whole 100 calories = 1 activity point thing is bogus ... I mean, I don't think I've ever heard that from any official WW source, I just read it on a blog or something. Maybe it's more like 75 calories? Or calories divided by your fat and fibre? Wait what?

DAVs said...

I'm so like that too. When I have the MOST to do I do the least, and then do it all really fast at once. Take today, for instance. I should have been writing for two hours, but instead I've been reading blogs :)

I have, however, managed to vacuum the house, scrub the kitchen floor, do the laundry, clean all bathrooms, and dust. So that's something, right?

YAY for visits from family! And does this mean you'll have an empty nest very soon??

Jen L. said...

Thanks for the shout-out. ;)

DUDE. Mom AND MIL within days of each other? WHYYYYY? Will said visits overlap? That would send me to the loony bin. I hope your hamthrax heals soon.

Tell high school kid to break a leg!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

When you figure out the calories burned thing, let me know. It is different on the treadmill v. Nike+ v. food journal website. Does anyone really know? Sigh. Makes me crazy.

And your mom and MIL coming to visit back to back? THAT would make me crazy too.

Alice said...

ha! hamthrax!

i'm such a bum, i'd totally forget i ever heard anthing else and only go by whatever program said i was doing "better" ;-P

Shelley said...

I am DYING to hear the mother-in-law story!

I left you something on my blog - go check it out!

creative kerfuffle said...

so, is putting things off to the last minute and then running around like a chicken w/ your head cut off the same thing as procrastinating? cos dude, i am the QUEEN of that.
will you be sad when your baby goes off to college? i think i would be a freaking basket case, but people i talk to who have teenagers say by that point they are ready for them to leave. so, what's the truth?
and---ooooohhhh, i can't wait to hear about your mil! i've heard about your mom, i think she might be related to my parents, but never about the mil!
i think it's awesome that highschool kid is going to be in fiddler on the rough : )

Shelley said...

Oh crap...I had second thoughts because of you and your sister's privacy issues and I wasn't sure if you would want to be so publicized. I'm sorry!

kilax said...

My MiL is coming in June. Wish I could write about THAT. Can't wait to hear YOUR story!

I get so caught up with mileage! I always want it to be an exact mile or half mile. Hee hee. Us runners are obsessive ;)

Marmite Breath said...

There are no words for how much I loved this post AND related to it.

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