Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graduation, phase 1

I hate to disappoint, but today was relatively uneventful from a parental annoyance standpoint. Let me rephrase, she was SUPER annoying, but not a bunch to report. I slept in, then decided to go running. I did my longest run yet...6K. The longer I ran without stopping, the longer I could stay gone.

We went to Panera for lunch, and after everyone ordered I asked her what she got and she said, "I don't know what I will be getting, because I can't see." umm. I get that you can't see, but I heard the college kid read you the menu, I saw you order something...that is likely what you will be getting.

The best part of the WHOLE day was when we got to Baccalaureate and the college kid and I picked out seats and mom couldn't sit with us because she has "problems with equilibrium because she can't see her feet". The speeches were long and awful and it was so awesome, I wished it would have lasted longer.

Then we went to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner, you know one of those places where you sit with strangers and they cook your food in front of you? Anyway there was a dude at our table that asked her where she was from, and he got the place slightly wrong and she very LOUDLY and condescendingly corrected him, then proceded to tell everyone all the wonders that are her home town, while stirring her hot tea with a chopstick.

I am really quite sleepy, but I don't want to go to bed because Mr. P, the college kid and I are just chilling on the couch watching Planet Earth with bits of commentary here and there, but no incessant talking and it is. so. fucking. peaceful. Once I go to sleep, I will wake up, and until noon, it is just me and mom. alone. (But after that I get to go to work!!!)

I will leave you with a quick story about Mr. P and why he is my best husband. Last night he was watching television and all of a sudden, he became VERY aggitated. Indignant actually. All as an extreme reaction to a commercial that really, really disturbed him. Brace yourselves. It was for this.


He could not wrap his head around the notion that there would be a food just for pretty, colorful, song birds and not for the plain, regular birds. "WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER BIRDS, FUCKERS?"



kilax said...

What do you mean you don't have anything to report? Ha ha ;)

Mr. P is too awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I am definitely looking forward to a few days out of town, but I keep blocking the fact that MOM is going to be there from my mind.

We should be there by 3 or 4, I'm not sure how much that will really help.

Jen L. said...

Congrats to the HS kid!

LOL to Mr. P!

Hope you survive your morning with mom!

Hey, I keep forgetting to ask you why Typepad won't let me add you to my blogroll? (Like you know, right?) Did you and Typepad have a fight?

Shelley said...

Go Mr. P! Way to stand up for the regular birds! Love that!!!

Congrats to the HS graduate, and to you for making it another day without stabbing your mother.

DAVs said...

At least Tracy will make it there soon. To deflect!
Congrats to your kiddo!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

And here I thought Mr. P was your best husband because Denzel was going to play him in the movie about your life!
Congrats to the kid! Whoo hoo! Hurrah!
Just think tomorrow the cute baby will be there and it will make it all better. Hang in there until your sis & baby arrive.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Oh my! Just caught up with all your mother posts. And, well. My oh my. Let your sister take the load off when she arrives. Just don't stab yourself in the process. =)

creative kerfuffle said...

so by now (it is mon. night) your other, more fun company is there and hopefully steamboat is just wowing everyone with his wit and personality : )
and congrats to the high schooler. i just can't imagine the day when mine are graduating.
and, for the record, i love that mr. p is your best husband because of the bird food commercial; tonight the hubs is my worst hubs cos he was making fun of the "little people" on tlc. oy vey. can we say politically incorrect? sheesh.

Fatinah said...

I'm going on right now to see how many calories I burn laughing at your blog!!

stirring her tea with a chopstick - toooooo much!!

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