Monday, May 18, 2009

Bring on the good company

First, I am back to doing "bad" on my Fat Test. Scored a measly 86.93%, which means I am back into losing old weight, as opposed to recent weight. I also managed to run 3 miles this morning and it felt good. AND as CK noted, my good company FINALLY arrives tomorrow.

Even with all that positive energy, I lost my shit today. Mr. P and I had an argument at the grocery store over ice cream flavors. This argument was inane and ridiculous, and I should have never allowed it to happen. It was all my fault, and before you read how insane I was, please know that I immediately apologized.

This afternoon at lunch I told my mom that after Mr. P and I finished at the gym we could bring home ice cream sundaes for dinner since we were out of time. I asked her what kind she would want. "super frozen hard ice cream." okay, but what KIND of sundae exactly? Hot Fudge, of course, because I am a fucking sundae idiot. Then I said that the gym was by an ice cream place that had the hand scooped ice cream, but that after traveling home it might not be "super, frozen and hard." I said that being facetious. Her completely serious response? "Then I guess you better come up with a different plan." oh for the love of (insert ANYTHING at all here).

After the gym, Mr. P and I were walking outside a bit to avoid going home cool down, and I told Mr. P the story. After groaning and griping about her miserosity, we decided to get stuff to make sundaes at home. Fast forward to ice cream aisle at the grocery store. We first pick some toppings. Microwave hot fudge and strawberry topping. Then we start browsing the ice cream. I am perusing 3 for $5 pints, and I find a blueberry something or other that looks delish. At the same time, Mr. P found some 3 for $10 half gallons, and he has chosen vanilla. Here is where I realize he is perhaps, at that moment, the most annoying individual on the planet. What the fuck are we going to do with an entire half gallon of VANILLA? Really? Vanilla? So he says, get your blueberry thing, and pick what you think your mom might like if not vanilla, because vanilla works with all the toppings. So I say, "Let's get Neopolitan" (meaning in lieu of vanilla). He says fine, and adds Neopolitan to the cart. with. the. vanilla. Neopolitan AND vanilla? What the fuck is wrong with him?

I am so upset and near tears because I truly could not figure out what ice cream to buy to make everyone happy, and honestly, I was selfishly NOT wanting that amount of ice cream in the house very near my mouth. So THEN I gripe at Mr. P that I can NOT believe he is okay with buying $20 worth of ice cream when he rolled his eyes at $4 organic peanut butter. At this point he said, "You know what? I don't care if your mother ever has a fucking sundae in her whole miserable life," and put all the sundae stuff back.

Then when we were checking out, I was putting stuff on the belt and he had the fucking audacity to DO IT FOR ME. I looked him straight in the eye, "You are annoying me." oh dear. So he says, okay, maybe I should just go and I will meet you at home. "GOOD IDEA". what a tool.

He leaves the store, and it takes me ummm. all of about 12 seconds to realize, "That may NOT have been about ice cream."

This fucking graduation better be good.

ETA: Based on the first couple of comments, I don't think I acurately portrayed Mr. P. He was sincerely trying to do whatever I wanted and no matter what he did, I hated him for it. The best thing he did was put it all away!


Shelley said...

Yuck. This post brings back memories - family visits tend to get my husband and I at each others' throats at least a couple of times during the visit. And neither of our parental sets are as bad as your mom...but we still manage to snap over stupid things, like ice cream choices.

Sorry the stress is getting to you both - hopefully with reinforcements (your sister) arriving soon things will get more bearable.

Hang in there, HP!

tara said...

Oh no, the neopolitan being out into the cart WITH the vanilla would have set me off too. Doesn't matter if it is about ice cream or not, the dumb shit men do sometimes is frustrating.

I don't think you are crazy at all, dear. I just think you are a woman driven insane by her family. Like all the rest of us.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Men. I don't think they THINK sometimes. And he has to know you are on your very fucking last nerve with your mom around. Ugh. I would have had the same reaction, but with more sarcasm and meanness I am sure (that's the kid of girl I am- horrible, I know).

But YAY for weight loss! And YAY for the good company that will be in your home this afternoon! Are you two going to run together? That would be cool. Not fun as running isn't fun, but a nice running partner is cool.

Alice said...

heh. i am loving the word "miserosity."

i hate it when i act that way, because i can TELL that i'm acting like a crazy harpie and yet i cannot. stop. myself. which makes me even madder and more frustrated, which translates to me being even more of a harpie as a result.

hooray for sister reinforcements :-)

creative kerfuffle said...

i have to confess i did laugh at this post, but only because i've been there too. those highly volatile yet completely ridiculous quick fights suck balls. obviously it wasn't about the ice cream : ) BUT who buys neopolitan AND vanilla??? zzzzzz the blueberry sounded yummy though.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Shelley said it right. YUCK. In all honesty, I think I might inflict bodily harm on myself or someone else if I had to deal with your mom's antics. What a bummer her presence is making it difficult for you to enjoy what should be a really wonderful and celebratory time for your family. Sigh. Even taking into consideration a minor tantrum or two from you, I think you're doing an amazing job of keeping cool given the situation.

wafelenbak said...

Oh yeah, I think lesser situations have brought me to tears when the stars were aligned just so. :p
Glad the good company is coming. Don't worry about the weight, just keep doing what you're doing right and it will happen!

Fatinah said...

my husband & I had a fight one time about putting green peas in the chicken fried rice that almost ended our then new marriage. I can totally see us having that exact same fight! PS: our fight wasn't about the friggen peas either!!

oh, and I don't even think vanilla ice cream should exist. Seriously... what the heck is vanilla even about?

DAVs said...

Now I have a serious craving for a hot fudge sundae. Yum.

Have fun with Tracy and the baby boat.

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