Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dedication to my art

I am backed up to the wall of the Continental Presidential club wall to scam their free Internet because that is how dedicated I am.

Apparently I wasn't quite as stressed about fiery death as I was about getting up at an absurd hour. I have made this deduction because I am sitting at the gate completely excited and not stressed. I am happy to go spend the weekend crafting, playing with my nephew, chatting with my sister, talking dorky school stuff with my brother-in-law and just getting away for a few days to regroup. Not that anything is out of sorts really, but I can feel some of the strings that keep my shit together starting to unravel just a tad, and so it will be good to get everything all tightened up again.

I interrupt this post for a quick note to the douchebag sitting behind me at the gate talking to his secretary on SPEAKER PHONE ...I don't think I have ever been so happy about someone going to Houston. Oh, and lady with the whiny whiny girl...if you will just give her the fucking blueberry muffin already I will give you $1,000. I don't care if you think she hates blueberries, and that blueberries are not the same as chocolate chips.

I haven't asked her, but I am assuming my sister has to work tomorrow. I am thinking about the Central Park Zoo and Wichcraft (a Tom Collichio restaurant)...if you had 6 hours to yourself in NYC, what would you do?

Oh, and even though this is WAY TOO EASY, I can't resist :

Dude, here is your tip...that isn't how 'appreciated' is spelled.

The picture is crappy, but I felt like I wanted photo evidence...the sign was from the airport shuttle and says TIPS ARE APPRICIATED. damn how spellcheck doesn't work on the all caps. I did kind of feel for him since I misspelled the TITLE OF MY DISSERTATION so I made sure to give him some dollars with my spelling wisdom. (I didn't really give him the spelling tip, I am more of a bitch in MY MIND.)


tara said...

I am so excited that you are going to make it this time!!

I would be all about the central park zoo! Take pictures for me, would you?

And shop. Go get some fancy NYC pajama pants.

Anonymous said...

I took off tomorrow, and WT has the day off since he works Saturday. I'm not sure how the weather will be...

Hotch Potchery said...

Yay, I didn't realize you guys would be off. I figured that for just me, less than stellar weather would be fine for a quick day trip while you guys were working. Since you are not working, that changes things. Is Steamboat going to play hooky, or do you want some baby free time?

Anonymous said...

I really hadn't decided, I figured it would depend on what we decided to do tomorrow. If we go to the zoo I would bring him, if we go to buy porn, I'll take him to school.

DAVs said...

Awww, sisters and trips!
Have fun shopping for porn, sans baby, 'cuz you know that's what you two will end up doing!

HAVE FUN and post lots of pics!

Amy said...

Have fun!

Alice said...

haha, i love that you two are discussing your plans in the comments, instead of actually directly with each other ;-)


SoMi's Nilsa said...

I love... no, LOATHE when people have conversations like that in public. I always want to ask them whether they think the person they're talking to wants to be on speaker phone for a whole waiting area to hear? It's really obnoxious and self-centered and ICK! But, glad to hear you're going to make the trip this time - have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!

creative kerfuffle said...

go buy porn. and go to takishimaya, a hoity toity japanese store on...5th? they have the most incredible soaps; i love soap. huge yummy smelling bars of soap ($6) but the best part is their shopping bags--they are triangular.
and i hate the appreciated spelling thing. one of our local gas stations has had a GALON of milk on sale for weeks and i want to cunt punch them.

Astarte said...

I hate spelling and grammatical errors!!! There are signs on every rotary traffic-calming park in our neighborhood to 'Cleanup After Your Pet'! It drives me bananas, and I swear, one day I will storm down and paint over them!

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