Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pictures of You. Pictures of Me.

On Friday, CK tagged me for a picture meme, yet I was away from Blogland for a few days so I didn't know, then I looked to see what picture it was to think of a clever story and BOO. My picture is boring. I have now looked at my folders in 24,675 different ways to see if I can find a better picture with a better story, that still conforms to the rules, but you know what? I felt GUILTY cheating on a fucking blog picture thing, so even though it does NOT compare to wax lips, a rock star baby, a pine tree farm, or a cat, here is my 4th picture from my 4th folder:

That is Tim Hudson, who is a starting pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. He was heading out to the bullpen to warm up for the game. We happened to be at the game as one of the bookends of a big trip that Mr. P and I took summer before last. On Saturday we left home and headed to Atlanta and saw a Braves game, on Sunday we flew to Chicago for a conference that I had to go to. From Chicago, we flew to Newark, NJ to spend the following weekend celebrating Steamboat's first birthday. Then home again on Sunday. It was a great trip! As an aside, I met Tim Hudson last Thursday and got his autograph.

Now I have to do the dreaded 30 Day shred and get ready for work. blech.


Tracy said...

That's funny because before I even found my picture I was wondering if I would be able to cheat if I didn't like it. I figured I would end up posting whatever picture because I would feel to guilty if I didn't.

Alice said...

hee, i don't have too many pictures on my work computer, but i just checked what the 4th pic in the 4th folder would be... and it's AWESOME. it's titled "i eat your braaaaaainnnsss" and it's a picture of me and my best friend, dressed up in random bridesmaid dresses, on the metro, while i look like a zombie trying to eat the top of her head. good times ;-)

creative kerfuffle said...

lol the guilt. i will confess--the picture i SHOULD have posted was a pic of me that the kids took and since i don't post pics of me or the kids/hubs i couldn't post it so instead of counting my folders across i counted them up and down to find the pic i posted of meow. that's not REALLY cheating right?
and for the record--those are baseball players right? ; ) he he.

DAVs said...

It's still a cute picture and good story! And I sort of cheated anyways, myself! :)

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