Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm a boat widow

From about the first summer we spent together, whenever it was a gorgeous sunny day, or a blistery hot, miserable day, or even a slightly hazy warm day and Mr. P and I would see a truck pulling a boat, we would look at each other and say, "I wish we had a boat." We were sure we could be happy in a little boat, tooling around a local lake, stopping to swim, occasionally attempting to fish, tubing, and maybe even a little bit of camping.

Then last summer, we were able to pull it together, and Mr. P found us a little boat. Was it all we dreamed it would be?

Hells YEAH.

When we are at the lake it is IMPOSSIBLE to worry about getting tenure or whether I am being treated fairly at work. You can not think about the stack of drawings waiting for you to redline. The craziness that makes up your life just dissolves in that crystal clear water. There are no laptops, DVRs, video games, books, movies or cell phones competing for our attention, it is pure time together, and every minute counts.

Needless to say, I love that boat. But the little hussy has stolen my man. We hit six weeks until what we figured would be our first lake weekend of the season, and Mr. P ditched me. We get home from work and the gym, eat some food, and he is gone. I stick my head out the kitchen door a few times an evening:

Me: Ahoy, skipper. How's it going?

Mr. P: Good. I am blahblahing the blah blah in the blah blah for the blah.

Me: Awesome. Can I get you anything?

Mr. P: Nope. I am good.

I know the work on the boat is for me too, but I am a whiny baby and want him to pay attention to me. Would it be unreasonable to ask him to ONLY work on the boat when I feel like being by myself, or maybe just after I fall asleep?


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

That little hussy! She is so high maintenance. So jealous you have a boat. We want a boat too. For all the same reasons. Beer tastes better on a boat. But once the girls go down for the night, I only want the hubs to pay attention to me. I don't know if I can handle another distraction.

DAVs said...

Sorry you're a boat widow. But it sounds like so much fun! We live by a gorgeous lake (Travis) but alas it is too expensive for us to get a boat. In hindsight, the 70K towards fertility treatments would've gotten us a kickass boat :) Maybe I'll just come on over to your place and do a little tubing!

Alice said...

haha, when i clicked on this initially i read the title as "i'm a boat window" and was wondering wtf that could mean.

i SO want a boat. but i also SO do not ever want anything to do with the upkeep and maintenance of a boat. it's like a freaking full time job. so i guess what i'm saying is i want a good friend with a boat ;-)

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Maybe you should be out there on the boat with Mr. P working on it together? Then you might not feel so left out!

Hotch Potchery said...

Nilsa: It is funny you say that because I went out at one point last night and told Mr. P that I was so sad and lonely and he said, "Well, you could help me." I did think about it, but it was kind of chilly, and all the guts are pulled out of the boat and it is really greasy and dirty, so I said, "mm. I guess I am not THAT lonely."

So the moral of the story is that I want to spend time with Mr. P doing what I WANT. I am really a lovely person.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wouldn't want to hang out enough to work on a boat either....Maybe if there was a puppy and some candy then I would...


Anonymous said...

What a cute post :) Time to steal your man back from that hussy - or make it a three-some? lol

Jen L. said...

I am a dumbass. I kept reading the title as "I'm a boat window." GAH.
Marcus is saving for a john boat. If he gets one, I will join you as a boat widow.

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