Monday, February 23, 2009

WEIRD side effect of losing weight

My pants are all too LONG!

While my pants are a bit loose all the way around, the biggest issue is that they are too long. I guess my booty and belly aren't poofing out quite as much, so the material can hang down more than it used to...I was not expecting that.

Anyways, I had a great time with my sister and her family, we did some good crafting (I will post about that later, I don't have my camera handy), relaxing and laughing. (I won't tell you how we spent LOTS of time commenting on each other's Facebook pages while sitting 2 feet away from each other, because that would have been lame.)

I certainly got rejuvenated and ready to hit work pretty hard to get all my papers out under review so I can hopefully get my publication number up before September.

As it is Monday, I took my fat test...and you know what? I am still super good at being fat, but my solid A is slipping away from me: 93.07%!

For those of you who do not find weight loss statistics as fascinating as I do...that means 4 pounds lost this week! Interestingly, now Weight Watchers says I am losing too fast...last week 1.6 was too slow, now 4 is too fast. eesh. Maybe this week I can find the Baby Bear of weight loss. (you know...just right?)


Jenni said...

I have the same problems with some of my pants, too. On my "lazing around the house" pants, I just roll the waistband; but I may have to whip out the sewing machine or Grandma to hem the work pants.

Don't worry about the too fast weight loss at WW. Just make sure you are doing the program to the best of your ability and they won't get too upset. When I was first on it I was losing 4.5-5.3 lbs a week! They don't kick you out, they just say, "Is your doctor aware that you are losing weight at such a quick pace?" They may ask for a doctor's note, but that's really just to protect themselves in this sue-happy society we live in.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

That is awesome! You are well on your way to a B+. And I didn't know they could kick you out for losing weight to quickly- isn't weight loss the point? You're not doing anything crazy and it all evens out in the end (on the Biggest Loser they have those crazy up and down weeks all the time). Either way, congrats!

Amy said...

You are so funny. GREAT GREAT JOB on the weight loss! I'm glad you had fun with your sis and her fam.

Jen L. said...

Woo hoo, weight loss! Good for you. Can't wait for craft pics.
And wait, are you saying the it's lame to facebook each other from 2 feet away? Oh, crap, my husband and I are gonna have to find a new hobby!

Astarte said...

Shut up, WW! You're doing great! I'm hoping to join you soon in your weight loss hoo-hah - I found a Wii Fit today, finally!!!

DAVs said...

I never thought about pants getting longer! All my pants are already so long since I'm so short.
Awesome job on the A-!

Marmite Breath said...

You rock!

Oh, God, don't even mention Facebook. I am so addicted it's not even funny.

Anonymous said...

I had to go from buying "short" pants to "petite" pants because my short pants got too long. I also figure it was because my ass got smaller.

You are doing a Great job! I still stayed the same...

Nat said...

My pants are NEVER to long- I'm a tall one. But good job!! Hope they get longer and looser!

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