Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday's Plethora of Unrelated Junk

I was going to call it Tuesday's Tidbits, but that implied I had a few bullet points...I have a few unrelated things that on their own don't make full blog posts, but individually don't merit a post either...so here we go.

I got home from my sister's on Sunday in the NICK OF TIME. Mr. P is sick, and the boy is messy...the two do. NOT. go together. Harmony has been restored. However Mr. P is still sick and that is annoying to me. I know, right? I am quite a prize. He goes to sleep super early and is crabby when awake. He is not catering to my every whim and he doesn't even think I am that funny. I hope he gets well soon for my his sake.

I had a running breakthrough. I am doing the Couch to 5K training program, and I have been doing the Week 5 Day 1 workout for going on two weeks. In case you didn't catch that...this was something I was supposed to do for one day, then move on to something harder...but I couldn't do it. I told Mr. P that I thought I hit the wall for how far I could run on a treadmill because it was just too boring. Guess what? I did it at the gym last night on the treadmill...it made me pause, guess maybe boredom didn't really play a role. My outward appearance isn't changing that fast, but my stamina and cardiovascular fitness sure is. What I couldn't even come close to doing just 7 days ago, I can do now.

Next time I bitch about my job, I need to look back at this post. This is the view from my "office" today:
Yes, I did go to a college baseball game this afternoon. Before you go cursing me...I did work while out in the gorgeous sunshine. There is wireless at the stadium.

Last, but by no means least, Easter eggs!! I want you to tell me which ONE egg from each category you think is the BEST. None of this, "they are all nice crap". Clearly, they are not. There are several that are superior. I won't even asterisk my sister's creations though she cheated at crafts by using more than the allocated materials. She kind of committed crafting fraud. I am just saying. Oh, and check out the egg with the face...just in case you were wondering what my sister looks like, my nephew helped me create an egg that "looks like Mommy". I must have asked him 15 times after we were done who that egg was, and every time he said Mommy I died a little. Damn, that kid is cute.

oh. one more thing. If your comment doesn't show up, it is not because Blogger is broken, but more likely because you voted for the wrong egg.


Jen L. said...

Top: While the face is quite funny, I like the chickie best.
Bottom: the one in the bottom left corner with the swirly pattern.

I almost had class outside today, but it was too windy. Maybe next week.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I agree with Jen L. though I like the polka dots too. But the chickie and swirls win.

Anonymous said...

I think the chick and the bottom middle. HANDS DOWN.

Anonymous blog commenter (not tracy)

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