Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I want to curse in public

So. Apparently not everyone thinks that Easter crafts are appropriate voting fodder. Are we the only family that makes a competition out of Thanks for those of you who voted...Tracy's chick won the painted contest, and MY swirl egg won out of the bedazzles.

Anyway, you know when you feel all AAAARRRRUUUUUUUUUURRRRAAAAAAAAAH?

My baseball picture from yesterday totally came back and bit me in the ass today. I got up this morning, went to the park, did my Couch to 5K, and went to work. Then the day took a major downturn. My class went horribly, the students were being completely dense. They act like they have never seen the material AT. ALL. even though there is a prerequisite to my class...when I mention that, they say, OH, I had it 3 years ago. Sorry, sister. Prereq means you are responsible for the material. ugh.

In all honesty, it probably wasn't that bad, but I am just all whiny and bitchy and crabby and damn it, I just want a motherfucking cookie. You know the puffy sugar cookie type things with the weirdly fluorescent, absurdly sweet frosting and colored sprinkles? But you can't buy just 1, you have to buy 12. I JUST WANT ONE. Fuck.

At least tomorrow we are going to a friend's birthday party/Happy Hour. I can't wait to go have a couple or eight beers. and curse in public. Damn it.

P.S. I kind of feel bad for typing curse words on Ash Wednesday, but now since it is technically Thursday it's probably okay.


Jen L. said...

Did people really not want to vote? I'm extra-competitive, so I thought it was the funnest thing ever.

That blows when your class acts like that. My class was in that "sit and stare and hope she just stops talking" mode last week. I could tell they hadn't done their reading or their internet research, so then I just got mean and started asking leading questions. They were MUCH better prepared this week!

Enjoy your beers and cursing!

--V said...

Here's an idea:

Buy the pack, take one, leave the rest in the staff lounge for others to munch on. It'll be gone by the morning coffee-break.

Or am I the only one whose coworkers swarm over free food like locusts?

Today's word verification: factamin. Is that a bite-sized, good-for-you, daily dose of knowledge?

Linda said...

wow, sounds like you had a crappy day! Hope it's not like that the rest of the week! And NO, NO COOKIES!

DAVs said...

I hear you on the cookies. I'm a terrible emotional eater..and lately it's been a barrage of "bring it on!"

I hope things look up. It's almost the weekend!

Tracy said...

I wish there was a blog just to vote for shit, that would be AWESOME. I don't get why people don't want to vote, maybe they are too nice?

Too bad you aren't here to hang out, I made Meaghan go get me a Diet Coke and we colored pictures it was fun.

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