Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eating bacteria poop

Since Tracy and I are both following Weight Watchers we have spent a LOT of time this weekend discussing food strategies, stuff we like to eat when we are healthy, junk we like to eat when we are not, and planning for our next meals.

We decided yesterday morning that we wanted pizza for dinner (hey, we are in New Jersey where the pizza is fantastic) so we needed a very light lunch (meaning few calories) so we went on a hunt for spaghetti luck. However, when we had decided on hummus and veggie pitas and were looking for Laughing Cow wedges, we came across something Fat Free, Sugar Free and Calorie Free in the style of marshmallow. MARSHMALLOW!

My sister and I do NOT have the same tastes in lots of stuff...for example, television. Last night we spent most of the night making fun of each other via Facebook statuses (she likes home shows and Friday Night Lights, I like Wife Swap and anything with a competition). Thursday night we watched Spectacular! and while the lead character embarrassed me, I liked it and she made fun of it the whole time.

However, we absolutely DO agree on the fabulosity of marshmallow. So we bought the "marshmallow dip" and ate a whole thing of strawberries. Today we bought more strawberries (organic this time, that helps the chemicals even out), and devoured a bunch more at lunch today. At that point, we both took a more careful look at the jar, and decided maybe we should look up some of the ingredients. One of which was xanthan gum, which interestingly is the byproduct of a bacteria that is fattened up on corn.

So for the sake of HEALTH we ate a jar of triple filtered water and bacteria shit. on strawberries.

Maybe we should try it with bananas next.


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I love that marshmallow stuff. So good. You can also dip it into the sugar free cool whip. Or yogurt. Or a combo of the three. I guess I am hungry because I am talking way to much about this.

DAVs said...

I love to eat, period. So I would spent a lot of time strategizing too. Like today, we are having this awesome vegetarian chili with homemade jalapeno cheddar beer bread, and then I made an avacado pie for dessert (yes,'s delish). Oh and I also made chocolate key lime truffles (trying to copy Godiva, not so sure I succeeded). BUT, I hardly ate anything all day just in anticipation, and did a super hard workout. It's all about balance, right??
I'm going to look for that marshmallow stuff now....

Jen L. said...

Also very good on cereal. I'm lactose intolerant...I need options! :) Glad y'all are having a good visit! Now where are the crafts!?!? I'm holding out for a Kleenex caddy in the shape of a bird house.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Oh the things we'd learn about the food we ingest if we just started reading the ingredients labels. Actually, I take that back. I don't think I want to know - ignorance is bliss.

grace said...

I totally fell off the no-sugar wagon this weekend. It was my husband's birthday, so I had cake. And I've been wrestling with wanting more cake all morning. I *am* still fine as far as my WW points go, but I have to get back on track, sugar-wise.

Astarte said...

So, I could actually serve shit to people?! I could tell someone to eat shit and die, and it could actually happen?! Fabulous!!!!!

And, seriously, I love me some marshmallow creme.

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