Friday, February 6, 2009

Is it okay to be "that guy"?

You know how you aren't supposed to wear a Duran Duran shirt to a Duran Duran concert because you don't want to be "that guy"?

Well, tomorrow is the big 10K and we are picking up our shirts tonight. Can I wear my 10K shirt to the 10K, or does it follow the same principle?

I guess in my mind if someone finds me comatose in a ditch on the side of the road wearing the 10K shirt, they will at least know why I am there and will gather whiskey and fried chicken to bring me around.

ETA: In the spirit of full disclosure: I will NOT be running the 10K. I will be walking, with spurts of jogging...


Astarte said...

If I managed to run a 10k, I'd wear the damn shirt every day so people would know that I did it!!!!!!

creative kerfuffle said...

i'm with astarte. i'd wear the hell out of that shirt. and, uh, IS there a rule about not wearing a concert shirt to a concert? granted i haven't bought a concert shirt in a kabillion years because i think they're so over priced and the concert tickets alone are crazy expensive. but, you know, i need to know these things in case rod stewart tours again : )

--V said...

Is this a second 10K? Wow!

Sure, wear the shirt. Why not?

But then, I'm the sort who'd wear a concert T-shirt to a concert, so what do I know?

Jenni said...

Hm, the only reason I WOULDN'T wear the shirt was so that it wasn't sweaty and stinky when I finished so I could wear it the rest of the weekend and never take it off again!

Then again, it would get sweaty and stinky from wearing the rest of my life, so why not start with it sweaty and stinky?

Tracy said...

Good Luck! I think you should use a sharpie and make yours into a 100K shirt.

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