Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thank you Blogosphere, and Good Night!

Check out my first blog award:

Bea, from This Wonderful, Crazy Life bestowed it upon me. Isn't it pretty?

However, like Miss America, this awards bears responsibility...

You must

1. Say one nice thing about a man in your life.

I was pretty hard on Mr. P this week, and while I remain strong on my stand for Advent Calendars, he has some redeeming qualities. Like for instance, whenever an iPhone commercial comes on, he pauses, checks out the Apps on said iPhone, and then spends 5 - 500 minutes making sure his iPhone matches. What? You don't see that as adorkable? Okay, he is a perfect mixture of mechanic, electrician, plumber, exterminator and artist. He can fix anything, remove varmin, and can paint a mean abstract. He loves me. I love him. Twenty years, baby!

2. List at least 6 ways that you measure (get it?) success in your life (or your blog):

- my kids. Do they have a good work ethic? Behave responsibly? Treat people well? My kids are 19 and 17, so their happiness is important, but it lies more in their hands, and less in mine these days.

- my students. Are they responding to me?

- savings. If I manage to keep money in savings, them I am doing a decent job of keeping within a decent budget. ETA: I might need a thesaurus.

- hours of television on my DVR. Weird? The more hours of tv on my DVR, the more time I am spending doing NON television activities.

- Google hits related to my research. I have to get a "national reputation" for my research in order to get tenure. I have 5 years to do it (I am in my 5th year). Lately, if you google my name the hits are moving more towards my research agenda, and less towards my students calling me out on

-amount of dirty laundry. The more laundry, the lazier I have been about keeping up with the little bit of housework that I have to do. Right now I am so far behind...I even opened the dryer this morning, then closed it again and walked away.

3. Assign this award to 6 other bloggers, and leave them a comment telling the blogger you've assigned them this award.

With the power vested in me by Bea, and the blogosphere, I hereby award this to two lovely ladies I met in November via NaBloPoMo:

--V from Juggling Scarves

Marmite Breath from Marmite Breath Slept Here

4. Wear a tiara and sash to two local establishments to promote this prestigious award. I am going to Sam's and Olive Garden.

Okay, you got me. I made that last one up.


--V said...

Oh dear. The responsibility of this honor.

Thanks! Hmm. I wonder if I have six ways to measure success.

Tracy said...

That was fun, but now I'm bored again.

creative kerfuffle said...

i love your number 4 rule! hee hee

Alice said...

no! no! the tiara and sash should TOTALLY be mandatory!! :-)

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