Monday, December 22, 2008

Petting the zebra and other tidbits

  • I forgot to mention that I got to pet a baby zebra at the zoo last night.
  • Tonight we packaged up all our Ebay stuff while listening to my Pandora, "All I Want for Christmas" station. We actually made a couple hundred dollars on one closet, not too shabby. After Christmas, we will give it another go.
  • I have a business trip in Charleston, SC the second weekend in January, so I pulled my Steamboat stuff out of my suitcase, since I won't get to go see him until after that. sigh.
  • So far, I have stuck to our lists. My sister and I didn't exchange gifts this year. Mr. P and I gave ourselves a pretty tight budget for swapping gifts. I feel like it isn't Christmas. I am not stressed enough about money. That is a good thing, right? Even without tons of gifts (but don't get me wrong, we will have presents), we are going to have a wonderful two days...we have a tradition packed Christmas Eve, then we will chill on Christmas, and have plans to go to see Marley & Me and then hit the bowling lanes on Christmas night.
  • Not seeing my sister this Christmas sucks. We don't always spend Christmas DAY together, but usually, at some point in December we get to see each other. My Dad and his girlfriend will show up at some point, but that isn't really that Christmasey at all.
  • Both of my kids are in the house for the next week. We will sleep easier, albeit in a messier home.
  • I have seen two movies, 7 Pounds, with the college kid and Yes Man with the high school kid, in the last three days. I LOVE going to the movies. Today I went whole hog and got a soda and popcorn. I brought gummy bears from home (not from the opened bag at the store), and dumped them in the popcorn. Yumm. I will start working on my Biggest Loser application after the new year.


DAVs said...

What?? Seven Pounds is already out? I thought it was a Christmas Day release. Was it good? I want to see it, even though Will Smith *sorta* annoys me. We are cheap and always pack snacks in my giant purse...and then I usually eat mine during the previews :)

Thanks for the virtual hug, by the way.

Tracy said...

If you want, we should do WW together after the New Year. I am still doing it but have been a little...lax these last couple of weeks and plan to start again in earnest after the New Year year.

I think it will be fun to plan a weekend after Christmas, it will give us something to look forward to.

Nilsa said...

We're TERRIBLE about going to the movies. Wish we had more time. Thank god for Netflix! But, on Christmas Day, we might have a few hours to burn. We're thinking of going to see Slumlord Millionaires. Or maybe Marley and Me. Or maybe Gran Torino. I dunno. When you so rarely go to the movies, the choices are often overwhelming!

Hotch Potchery said...

Davs: It was what I wanted at the time, meaning I cried. A lot. And I had eaten all my treats before the movie started.

Tracy: YES. I am still paying for online, and am finally feeling ready.

Nilsa: I love the movies around the holidays and summer when my work schedule is light. I feel decadent at the movies on a weekday afternoon!

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