Monday, December 15, 2008

Tis the season to sell on Ebay

Mr. P and I have been talking about moving out of our house next summer when the high school kid becomes the other college kid and moves out. When we moved back to Alabama four years ago we decided to rent a big house because (1) we FINALLY could, and (2) so we had after living in an apartment then tiny duplex for years and years while we were in various stages of school.

When thinking about downsizing we realized that we might have too much stuff to fit into a more reasonable sized house or condo. Mr. P wanted to sell it all on Ebay so we didn't have to get up early on a Saturday morning and sell it in the yard. So, this evening we started posting our stuff on Ebay. We went through ONE closet and listed 42 items, and I got tired and quit about halfway though the. ONE. closet. We realized with each item posted how much miscellaneous and extraneous crap we buy at Christmas. My problem is wanting to 'wow' the kiddos, and Mr. P gets his bonus and it burns a crazy hole in his pocket until he buys STUFF...remember the paper pillow story?

I had already started thinking about this earlier today after reading a post by Creative Kerfuffle where she talks about not being sure when enough is enough when it comes to gifts for her kids.

Then, after hours of posting on Ebay knowing just how much more stuff I have to post, we are now more resolved than ever to stick. to. the. lists.

Repeat after me.

Do not buy just to buy.
Do not buy just to buy.
Do not buy just to buy.
But maybe if its cool and on sale. NO.
Do not buy just to buy.


College Kid said...

Darn! Well, at least Santa will leave a surprise :) Just kidding, mom!

tara said...

Nobody seems to believe me, but I am really serious about not buying anything for xmas anymore. Everyone is getting handmade, and the kids are getting cash. I refuse to contribute to the hoards of junk anymore!

I hope eBay works out for you. We have so much crap that isn't worth anything that we will have no choice but to have a yard sale then take the leftovers straight to Goodwill.

creative kerfuffle said...

yeah, i read the mantra but i don't think it's going to work. the FIL sent xmas money. it wants to be spent. it wants to be divied up and spent on the four of us. (he sent money last year and we bought camping gear). i get it. i really do. i know my house is busting at the seams w/ too much stuff. in the last month alone i have taken 4 loads to goodwill. maybe i should give you my cell # and you could just text the mantra to me at random times : ) he he and ohhhh, what are you selling on ebay? we might want to buy it.

Tracy said...

We are pretty good at this, BUT I do really have to stop myself from buying more stuff...but we have a big motivator which is we really don't have anywhere to put it.

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