Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Mason-Dixon Line of Christmas Creatures

Something interesting has recently come to light, and I am stymied and figured I would put it to the masses dozen who read this blog to determine popular opinion...

Topic: Christmas creatures.
Question: Should celebratory creatures be limited strictly to those from the North Pole? Or should creatures from all over the globe be able to participate in the snowy frolicking goodness?

The reason I ask is a conversation I have been having with Creative Kerfuffle who I have recently become bliends with (blog friends). As an aside, I tried to go the other way (friends from blogging), but to say I became frogs with her sounds dumb.

Well, a few days ago she made a comment in a post about not having any Christmas penguins. I had to get to the bottom of it, so being the bliend that I am, I asked her about that in a comment. That comment prompted her to write an entire post about why penguins are not appropriate at Christmas. While I was digesting her points and deciding my rebuttal (if need be), I decided to change the table decor from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

At the same time the high school kid brought me a giant soda from Sonic. I was sipping soda while opening the bag that contained my purchases (I bought them a month ago and had forgotten what I decided on). I pulled out the first napkin and snorted soda out of my nose. So gross, but totally worth it.

Here is my new Christmas table set up from "far" away...

And one spot:

So you can see where I stand on the whole penguin/harbor seal/polar bears as potential buddies even with the admitted geography issue. I even take this one giant step farther...I find all kinds of creatures to be appropriate fodder for Christmas decor...

Creatures from the North:

Creatures from the South (of here, at least):

Creatures from Texas:

And, even creatures from the deep, blue sea:

So, where do you stand on Christmas creatures? Are you a Christmas purist and believe that we should stick to North Pole inhabitants?

OR are you more like me, trying to break down the stereotypes of what creatures love Christmas, and making a free Christmas where all creatures of all poles, continents and blood temperature can celebrate in the open without fear of recrimination?

Join me, won't you?


Swistle said...

Since I am...poor...with geography, I am a "party down with Santa, Mr. Jellyfish!" type.

Kathi said...

As you know, I grew up in Honolulu, so you better believe that I am a fervent supporter of your vision where creatures from all over the world may be part of a joyous holiday celebration. Like this festive guy:


Tracy said...

Hey, did you get that tree ornament next to the jellyfish at Pier 1 recently? I got the same one. We are twins!

creative kerfuffle said...

you are totally my new best bliend because this cracked me the hell up. i don't even know if i can explain my aversion to the PAC (penguins at christmas) in comments. i think i shall have to post it out.

creative kerfuffle said...

btw--i can actually appreciate the aesthetic of the placemats : ) they are cute. and i love the jellyfish ornament!

Marmite Breath said...

Creatures from Texas should not be Christmas ornaments. I believe that is in the Bible. Look it up if you don't believe me!

And Jellyfish? Really? I am laughing my head off, because I never would have considered a jellyfish for my Christmas tree, but it's so crazy it just might work! :)

tara said...

Personally I think that the magic of Christmas should certainly be able to bring together polar bears, armadillos and harbor seals with nary a thought toward geography or predator and prey. I mean, we are perpetuating the idea of a jolly old fat man giving gifts to the world all in one night, why should there be rules about animals?

And the term "bliends" might just make you famous.

--V said...

Aw, share Christmas with all the creatures! I mean, Christmas happens everywhere, right? And who's to say Santa doesn't have a refilling station at the South Pole? A branch office, if you will.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Hey! Don't discriminate against the armadillo! We don't have much choice down here in Texas. It's the armadillo or the jackalope. I'm all for an equal opportunity Christmas tree.

DAVs said...

Christmas creatures should NEVER be restricted!! I love those penguins, and I love my chihuhua ornament (does that count?), and everything else. I am, however, quite partial to polar bears and plan on making some polar bear gingerbread cookies from a recipe I saw on--GASP--Woman's Day Magazine. But they were so.darn.cute. I had to buy the issue.

Hotch Potchery said...

I believe the results of this very scientific study support the premise that all creatures should be allowed to celebrate Christmas.

There was a slight blip when it came to the Texas creature, but I think he stays on the tree.

My sister gave me the jellyfish ornament, and he is my favorite...you can't really tell in the picture, but it is pink AND glittery.

DAVS: I bought that exact same magazine for those cookies!!!

Tracy: Yes, tree from Pier 1, but last year...I have only gotten a Peyton Manning ornament new this year.

Jen L. said...

Bliend is my new favorite word.

I just ran in the living room to check my tree creatures. Here's what I found:
A conch shell from Key West
A moose from Alaska
Polar Bears
Penguins (like, lots of them)
A really ugly fish (perhaps a carp?) that belongs to my husband

So,no restrictions on Christmas critters here!

kathi said...

Yesssssss! Christmas for allllll creatures! And honestly. If a jellyfish can't join in on Christmas festivities, what else does it have to look forward to?

HAHAHAHAHA balls said...

I'm just sad we don't have any BALLS on our tree.

Sherendipity said...

I might have to go against the majority and draw the line with the jellyfish.

Nilsa said...

You're not lying when you say you really get into this whole Christmas thing. I love it (from afar, of course!)! =)

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