Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm all of out love

for Jon and Kate plus Eight.

I even went so far to delete the series from my "Season Pass" on my DVR. It. was. NOT. easy.

Well, literally it was very easy to do, you just hit 'delete series', but figuratively I am attached to my shows. You see, I suffer from Tivo Guilt. Yes, it is real. I thought I made it up, but the kid in college pointed me to this article on (which means it is real, for sure). She knew I suffered from this affliction because over the Thanksgiving break I painstakingly watched everything I recorded, whether I even wanted to or not. I am compulsive about completing tasks, checking things off lists...after watching each show I can officially delete it from the "Now Playing" list. I can't delete without watching, it is like crossing something off a list that you didn't even do.

So why am I breaking up with Jon and Kate? They sold out. Now, would I sell out if I were given the opportunity? Hell yeah. So I am not judging them, I am just not going to watch them anymore. I liked watching them when they had to manage like regular people. Watching them manage with extra helpers and huge beach houses and no regular jobs that I can see is just not satisfying to me. Plus I was absurdly jealous that they got to go to Legoland's new aquarium before it even opened, and box seats at the Phillies game. Those kids don't even care about fish or baseball. Plus, maybe its just edited that way, but Kate is kind of a bitch. No coloring at the Crayola factory and God forbid her sister in law give the SIX CHILDREN she was babysitting gum lest it get on some socks.

So, to mask my misery I have been making out with Top Chef: New York. Oh, and just so you know, I am not missing Jon and Kate at all. But Aaden? I do miss watching the tiny professor.

ETA: So, WOW. I had never looked at the website for the Gosselin's, so I decided to take a look via Googling. Apparently there is a whole faction of people that are trying to get the show canceled due to the "exploitation" of the kids, and the "love offerings" that they continue to accept. Also, supposedly there was a fight that Kate didn't want Jodi (the sister in law) compensated when filmed at her house...ALL of this is heresay from the Apparently the Gosselin's are a hot topic in the blogosphere. Who knew?


Tracy said...

I broke up with them a long time ago after I looked at their personal website...there was too much God and Jesus and exclamation points!!! Ech

Jen L. said...

Kate IS kind of a bitch! She's so mean to Jon sometimes. Did you see the one where she screamed at him in the toy store? It hurt his feelings. Way to set an example for your 8 kids there, Kate...

creative kerfuffle said...

oh--i am right there w/ you in the break up boat. aaden was my fave too, and leah? was she the one who love the alldergator? the kids, i love. kate drove me up a freaking wall and i felt sorry for john all the time. plus, i started getting a bit pissed at all the freebie trips they were getting (like I wouldn't totally jump on that if i could). even my kids, who also loved the show and we dvred it too, started commenting about them selling out. i stopped watching before they went to hawaii cos dude--they've only been married 10 years and do not deserve a second wedding in hawaii. i also read all those sites trashing them (i'd already broken up w/ them by then) and didn't think they treated jody very nicely at all. whew, sorry for the long comment but i guess i had a lot to say about john and kate : ) he he

Nilsa said...

I couldn't agree with you more about J&K+8 ... but, I still watch. AND I love Top Chef, too!

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