Wednesday, December 17, 2008

48 Hours

This time in 48 hours, if all goes as planned, I will be chatting with my sister while Steamboat takes his customary after school rest before dinner. I will be looking at all of her ornaments, and decorations and anxiously awaiting his waking from his rest so I can have two hours of Steamboat time before he goes to bed.

Here are the preparations I have done for my visit with my skateboard enthusiast, Care Bear loving nephew:

1. Picked up a Care Bears coloring book, puppy stickers, a variety of chap stick, and a Melissa and Doug magnetic fishing puzzle to pack into my suitcase for immediate bribes until he loves me again.

2. Loaded my YouTube bookmarks on my iPhone with his favorite songs, and a few that I want to show him to see if he likes, also to shorten the time from "who the hell is this lady" to "ahh, she has stuff I like. LOVE. her."

3. Looked at every piece of clothing in a Carter's and OshKosh looking for a skateboard something. Found and purchased pajamas that have a monkey riding a snowboard. I know it isn't exactly a skateboard, so I am seriously considering drawing wheels on all the snowboards so he can have skateboarding pajamas.

I still have cookies to make or purchase, and my own clothing to pack. I also need to check to see how many bags I am allowed, and if they have to be carried on, I need to check all my liquidy type stuff to make sure it is under the allowable amounts.

Am I forgetting anything?


Tracy said...

skateboards AND CareBears is a funny mix.

I think he will really like all of that stuff.

He will also be 1/8 less cute because he ran full force into the kitchen table and busted his lip earlier today. It was VERY bloody and I only freaked out a little.

DAVs said...

Awww, what a lucky kid that Steamboat is to have a cool aunt like you! I am sure he will adore you from the minute you get there!
HAVE FUN! Sisters rock! (well, most of the time :) )

creative kerfuffle said...

you are totally going to win the best aunt ever award w/ all that loot! ha ha
carebears and skateboarding--what a combo : ) i hope you have an awesome, awesome time.

Tracy said...

Yikes! Have you seen the weather for tomorrow?

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