Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time to Party like it's Christmas!

So we are upon our whirlwind of Christmas festivities. Three parties in three days.

I think most people enjoy holiday gatherings, but instead of being excited and full with anticipation, I am instead filled with with dread. Dread because I have to small talk and chit chat and smile all pretty while simultaneously wearing uncomfortable shoes AND NOT drinking copious amounts of beer.


creative kerfuffle said...

what? why can't you drink copious amounts of beer?

Jen L. said...

My husband and I went to the University President's house for a reception last week. It was PAINFUL. No one talked to us until we were about to leave and the line for food was so long we just gave up and drove through McDonald's on the way home! And the punch gave us heartburn.
I feel your pain, sister.

kathi said...

Ahhh, you must mean business/social type gatherings, which are neither really business nor very social. I do not like them either and I don't think there is enough beer on earth to get me happily through one.

DAVs said...

What about copious amounts of wine? Or vodka? I'm just sayin'

Hope you have survive :)

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