Saturday, December 6, 2008

Are you kidding me?

So Mr. P and the high school kid arrive back safely from the drama tournament, where I was told that the kid "kicked ass", and Mr. P proceeds to opening his Advent calendar for today. His calendar THAT I BOUGHT HIM is Lego City. The first day he got a little dude with a turkey leg. Funny. The next day he got a weird barbecue grill. mmmkay. The 3rd he got a tiny coffee cup and "hot plate?". Then it started to go downhill for him. The next 3 days are the makings of an ice cream cart. So after he opens the last of the ice cream cart, he looks at me, and brace yourself....

"What the hell did you buy me?"

Are you freaking kidding me? So I tell him, he is right, look at the gorgeous one he bought for me. So I fake looking around, and he says, "So, have you found it?"

Funny. He is a funny, funny guy. He did get up at 5:30 to drive our kid 2 hours to perform for 6 I am trying very hard not to let the vein in my head pop out and splatter my blood all over the house before I keel over and die at his thoughtlessness.

I do have to giggle a bit...he saw me pull out the laptop, and we both know what that means.

ETA: He did apologize, and when I asked him what he wanted in lieu of an ice cream stand, he said, "Santa Claus." Well, if you are expecting Santa and you get an umbrella for an ice cream stand, I can understand being disappointed and perhaps lashing out.


creative kerfuffle said...

oooo, you are so much nicer than me. my passive/aggressive bitch side might have just had to do something spiteful (like throw it in the fireplace) to his advent calendar.

Tracy said...

Maybe Santa is the very special end prize. I bet it is.

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