Sunday, December 7, 2008

Maybe he is on to something

Yesterday afternoon Mr. P and I head out to do some Christmas browsing. I have to call it browsing and not shopping because did you know it is very hard to find age appropriate skate boarding toys, or even books about skateboarding that are not also about weed? My nephew is first on my list because I have to mail his gifts, and he is quite judgemental about my purchases, so I have to be careful.

Anyhow, we are looking at a gorgeous book about animals at BAM! (for those of you not hip to the lingo, that is the new logo for Books A Million). It is a bit pricey at $50, but it was so gorgeous, and I was telling Mr. P that is the type of book I want to thumb through with a little kid.

Ahhhh, look at those lionesses drinking that water...

Ewww, look at that alligator biting that water buffalo's head, yes, I am sure they are playing.

Ooooh, look at that ooey gooey octopus laying on that rock.

Okay, those are the comments I made to Mr. P while looking at the book, but I totally would say those things to a kid too. Then we head into the giant pet store chain thing and we look at every living creature in there, luckily they do NOT have puppies, or we were so jacked up on animal love we probably would have gotten one even though we both know better.

So, we are driving home and I decide to see if my sister has posted her Advent prize picture, and also check to see if I had comments, because, yes I check 4,287 times per day to see if anyone has left me a comment I can moderate. This gets us back on topic of our Advent troubles. At some point in the conversation he says something that settled it for me, "You are getting lots of animals, and I guess I am not." Yeah, probably. Not sure how many animals you find wandering around Lego City, even at Christmastime. I am not sure I can convey it in a blog very well, but we looked at every mouse, lizard, bird, turtle, fish and spider at the pet store. We looked through that animal book for a long time and only left because we knew the pet store was next. S0 his sadness at not getting any plastic animals was real, and you know what, I relate. The high school kid got an owl when I got some plastic leaves? and I was sad. I handled it a bit better than Mr. P, but I get where he is coming from.

So we get home and I finally open my box (I hadn't under protest, we are a very mature family), and to add insult to injury, look at my cool ass deer:

Compared to Mr. P's weird ice cream stand thing (that is 3 days worth, the little stand in the front is what he got yesterday):

While those Legos are cute, it really is no contest...that deer rocks. So this morning, I was messing around waiting for all of you to post, and decided to look to see if I had gotten any google hits over the last week. I had...wait for it..."what is day 6 in the lego city advent calendar supposed to be." I guess Mr. P was not the only sad Lego Adventer yesterday.

I know I have reported jerky stories about Mr. P, but I have to say, it is hard to stay mad at this face:


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Aww...poor Mr.P...but he gets a fun and cute Christmas tree hat with his photo posted on your blog! That is one heck of a consolation prize!

Tracy said...

I want to see the pictures from further away, I can't tell what is going on in the background, are those the actual calenders?

Yeah the plastic animals are pretty cute...

Hotch Potchery said...

No, those are the backgrounds that came with the calendars...the calendars are hanging on the wall. I have been using my phone to take the pics, I will take camera pics of that and the tree later today.

creative kerfuffle said...

the deer totally beats the ice cream stand, hands down. but? that kick ass christmas tree hat is the VERY best. that rocks!

DAVs said...

I'm loving that Christmas tree hat. The world needs more funny hats, there's no question.
I am insisting that I get an Advent calendar next year!!

Alice said...

i know i'm in the minority, but think the lego one is pretty kick ass ;-)

Kathi said...

How about a book by Matt Christopher? He has all those sports novels and bios for kids, including a couple of skateboarding titles. I'm guessing that if his books talk about weed at all, it would be an anti-drug message.

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