Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And the Lego Gods Smiled Upon Him.....

Yesterday was a full, but decent day other than the afternoon meltdown over my student evaluations...I had to work late last night, and when I got home Mr. P had a fabulous dinner of sandwiches and Baked Lays set up on my special plate (a plastic plate in the shape of a crab). Oh, if you are wondering, I am not being facetious...I like sandwiches a lot. Especially when it gets dark early. I don't know.

Last night I also chatted a bit with my sister, and as we are getting ready to hang up, she says, "Oh, you are going to need to bring some cookies." We were supposed to be visiting my sister for the holidays, and due to lack of funds we are staying home. Anyway, on Sunday I was especially pouty about not going, and Mr. P made a very generous offer...for my Christmas, I get to go visit Steamboat and Tracy next weekend!!! I already have my ticket (well I got it about 20 minutes after he finalized the offer).

So anyway, Tracy knows how much it means to me for Steamboat and I to be tight, so she has started telling him that I will be visiting on the big plane, and we are going to make cookies. Well, he is now interpreting that as I am visiting and BRINGING cookies. So now I have a dilemma...what cookies would you pack to totally win over a 2 year old? I will have other prizes in my bag, I am not above buying the affections of this kid...I only have 2 days with him, so I have to get in the inner circle fast...then I can play and read and love and cuddle. Okay, while you are thinking of the perfect cookie, I have a few other tidbits...

The Lego Gods must have felt pity on poor Mr. P, because over the last two days he has gotten a fireman AND a tiny kitten caught in a tree. So cute (oh, I got a plastic leaf).

Also, on Sunday we got 'Walter' our Christmas tree. I love him. He is awesome. I need to tell the story of how the kiddos and I decorate, it is quite the wholesome family atmosphere you hope for when you have babies...but I will save that for my "traditions" post. Drumrollllllllllllllllllll, presenting Walter:

Last but not least...certainly not in her eyes, is my changing relationship with our damn cat. Frisky (our 6 year old named her) has now decided her and I are BFF. Anyway, this is the view from my FACE lately.

If she didn't purr so fucking incessantly I might enjoy the cuddle, but oh. my. god. And I can shoo her, put her outside, chase her upstairs, and she is just right back. There. Is it outside the realm of Christmas spirit to...ahh jeez. I was trying to decide what horrible, yet funny thing I wanted to do to her, and I turned my head to look at her purring annoying face, and she was asleep...

I am a sucker for sleeping cats. and sleeping dogs. and sleeping babies. and well, sleeping.


creative kerfuffle said...

i love this entire post.
first, even though i've just been reading a little while it's obvious how much you love your nephew and want to be part of his life. though i have two nieces and two nephews i'm only close to my brother's kids and wasn't really in the picture much for his son's baby years. i'm making up for it in spades w/ his daughter. i'm so glad you're getting to go see them. as for cookies i recommend sugar cookies, like santa shapes w/ icing and all the sprinkles; or chocolate chips w/ m&ms.
next--love the kitty in the lego tree.
next--you name your tree? interesting. it is gorgeous.
and last--frisky rocks. i think it's cool that she's adopted you and purrs so much. sweet sweet sweet!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Um, any kind of cookies? I think most 2 year olds love cookies, period. But maybe you would get extra brownie points if they were something he likes too or has his name on them or something like that.

That is funny about your cat.

And my husband's nerd, I mean engineering, friends all want the Lego Advent calendar.

Alice said...

hee, i love that you name your tree.

for the cookies: any kind, then buy a little frosting tube and write his initial on them :-)

Tracy said...

I like that tiny cat in that tree, it is very cute.

Your tree looks very pretty.

Steamboat likes cookies, especially real cookies, not the organic fig and ginger cookies I buy him.

Swistle said...

I would bring Golden Oreos. Delicious and not as messy as the chocolate kind.

I love sandwiches too! So, so much! When I'm home from the maternity ward and still kind of unstable, Paul makes me sandwiches twice a day.

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