Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Redemption, Recession, and Randomy

Redemption: I got my favorite dinner served to me, whilst watching my favorite show, followed by an hour and a half back rub, until I finally had to take some medicine and go to bed. At least for now I feel like I can keep my plastic tree and teensy tinsy plastic bird out of Mr. P's colon. (By the way my Advent calendar is from Playmobil and is Christmas in the Forest, I am absurdly excited about tiny, plastic woodland creatures.)

Recession: So, we are officially in a recession, and have been for a year. I don't really have much to say about that, but I liked the extra R's worth of alliteration in the blog title.

Randomy: Today is the anniversary of my first "outing" with Mr. P. 20 years. Almost only made it 19 years and 364 days...but see Redemption above. I am not quite 40, so over half. my. life.

A week or so ago my sister had a post about her pretend boyfriends, which prompted me to post about my pretend boyfriends. Then said sister posted about her Christmas tree and called the post Scratch N Sniff. Then I was reading my People magazine and one of my pretend boyfriends was highlighted...as a SCRATCH and SNIFF. No kidding. FYI, Christopher Meloni smells like the beach. It's like the bloggy circle of life, no?


Tracy said...

Scratch and sniff people are gross, what if it smelled like buttsauce and sweat? That is just wrong. Where are pictures of your advent calender? I'm bored I want to look at something.

Alice said...

i just think it's hilarious how the stock market took a panicked dive because OMG THE RECESSION IS FOR REALZ!!! ...even though the announcement was that we've been in one for a year. ONE YEAR. why the panic NOW??

i'm glad mr p redeemed himself a bit :-)

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Talk about redemption!

And I've tagged you for a meme! You and your sister. Because y'all crack me up.

College Kid said...

he smells like vanilla

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