Tuesday, March 31, 2009


March, 2009.

Let's see.

Not a banner month for HotchPotchery. I wallowed in self-pity which led to a crazy-ass funk, got my "best" paper rejected which broke my work heart, ONLY lost 3.2 lbs (my 6 lb statement from the other day included a weigh-in from March 2, which was mostly February weight loss), sat through THREE completely rainy weekends (one with snow), AND had to wait extra long to get paid (I am semi-monthly).

But also: I ran 5K for the first time all in a row, did Body Pump, got a different paper accepted, bought and wore extra large workout pants (that is just ONE extra if you are keeping score) and watched a friend get married. All pretty good things, actually, really good things, but man, did I really pout this month. POUTED hard. I nearly got to the point where I was never going to get to pout in the Olympics...I almost turned pro. I had one endorsement deal but I decided it is going the way of March. This time in 3 hours, funk OVER. busted. moved on.

Tomorrow, I will be bright, shiny, and happy. I will still be a bitch, but I will be damn happy about it.

ETA: Tuesday nights we always watch American Idol with the highschool kid. Tonight as it was ending we got a scrolly thing telling us that our local Fox affiliate decided we weren't grown enough to decide for ourselves if we wanted to watch the Osbourne's new variety show. That really peeves me. a lot.


Astarte said...

What's this about Fox? Are they really going to censor something?! FOX?!?! Who are they KIDDING?!?!

kilax said...

I love the fresh start of a new month. Especially if it means we are closer to summer weather. 3 rainy weekends and 1 snowy one is just awful!

DAVs said...

Har, that's funny about Fox. What a stupid network.

I love that you will 'still be a bitch' only happier. LOVE IT!

Jen L. said...

FOX kinda sucks it.

And we need to discuss Idol, particularly:
1. Who let Lil Rounds wear that dress????
2. WHO did that to Scott's hair???
3. Adam rocked.

Bye, bye March! Here's to a fantastic April.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I had kind of a crappy March too. Not terrible, I just seemed to be in a mood for a lot of it. I hope April is better.

That thing about the Osbourne show INFURIATES me. I remember one year when WT and I lived in Enterprise New Years Eve was a Sunday and instead of Dick Clark's rocking New Years Eve show, or whatever that is called, they put on CHURCH. WHAT THE FUCK ALABAMA? I really hate them sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hotch! I got the Fage yogurt at a little healthy prepared foods store, but I've also seen it at Whole Foods. It's worth seeking out.

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