Friday, March 27, 2009

PUMP me up!

Yesterday, Mr. P and I went to the gym and got coerced...well dared actually, to attend a Body Pump class. Technically, Mr. P got dared and I went out of shear curiosity.

It was sort of romantic....we set up next to each other, used the mirror to make eye contact to check in with each other, laughed at how FREAKING hard it was. Then we went to check out a friend's new bar and ate fried pickles and chicken wings, drank beers and sang some pretty atrocious karaoke. Total Eclipse of the Heart? What was I thinking?

While fun, the evening wasn't great because Mr. P was crabby, but trying hard not to be which actually made it worse...he would try to joke, but it would come out sort of mean, then he would get defensive and I would too. Bottom line, Mr. P and I are out of sync. I am in a funk. Mr. P is in a funk....our combined funks have resulted in our coupledom landing squarely in Funkytown. We are just sort of bleh.

I am bored of this now and have (FINALLY) reached the point in my funk that I am sick of feeling like shit, and am ready to take some action to turn things around...I think Mr. P is there too, he brought home flowers today, and has said that we ARE going to the lake on Sunday if this dismal, rainy weather passes. For tomorrow, we are doing a 5K in the morning, then are planning to spend the afternoon mozying around a big BBQ competition where a friend is competing. All in all, I think we have an excellent chance of really reconnecting this weekend and starting next week with good attitudes and better moods.

Does this ever happen to you? What do you do to get out of it?


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Body pump kills.
The weekend sounds like the perfect remedy for the funk.

DAVs said...

Well, Lee and I sort of have this rule that only one person can be in a funk at a sometimes we have to choose who 'deserves' their funk more. And usually that process just de-funkifies everything anyway.

Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun! I'm so impressed with all your races!

You and Mr. P should look into doing Muddy Buddy together one day--it's a run/walk bike couple race that rocks. In fact, I need to dig up one of those pics and post on our blog sometime for laughs...ou

Anonymous said...

I usually have a funk day, once or twice a month...WT pretty much never, honestly, I don't know how he can be so freaking happy all the time...the only time I see him not happy is if he has a migraine...

Jen L. said...

YES. And let me tell you, I have been funk-tastic this week!Just when I thought things were looking up, my class on Thursday kinda sucked and back into funkytown I rode. It takes my husband DAYS to figure out, "Oh, she's a bit off" and to finally, I don't know, pitch in a bit. Today, he saw me lugging about 30 pounds of his laundry downstairs and barely looked up from his laptop. It wasn't until I snapped at him that "I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm trying to fix your f'ing dinner!" that he realized maybe it was time to stop playing WoW and help me feed our kid or something.
Hope you exit funkytown soon.

tara said...

The weather is killing me. It seriously seems like it has been raining for a month, and that puts me right in the middle of funkytown with no map and no gas.

When we are both like this? He works out, and I stay away from him. Movies and easy to prepare foods are a must. Eventually I feel like it's safe to say that he has completely dropped the ball as far as house stuff goes and if I have to search the house for his laundry one more time I am just not going to do it at all anymore. Then we are usually good for a while again.

Mostly I guess we just try to be gentle with each other. We both know our cycles, so we try to work around them rather than pretend they are not there.

Hope the weekend helps you guys out and you start feeling like yourself again soon!

Fatinah said...

sounds like you have a great plan to would certainly work on me... ;-)

re: frozen block of spinach. I buy European Best frozen spinach, and when you open the package, which is re-sealable, inside are these little squares of frozen spinach. That way, you can just add a bit if you want, or use a lot. It is great, cause often it is just me eating it, and a block or two usually does the trick!

wafelenbak said...

There is a boot camp class starting up at my's very tempting, but very expensive and, moreover, terribly frightening!
The fella and I were bottoming out and opted for a weekend getaway, just up north to the Wisconsin Dells. It was a tiny, inexpensive vacation but man, it made a huge difference.
Hope your plans help!

Alice said...

HA, well you know what my strategy for de-funking was!! :-)

i loooove body pump class. i stopped taking it because it was making my thighs too large and muscular (!!!) but i adore the definition it gave to my back and shoulders...

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to spend some quality dining time with Mr. P.

But now it's time for both of us to get back on track! OMG, there is only one month left of BLBE2! It's time to step my game back up. I'm going to think of April as a month-long LAST CHANCE WORKOUT!

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